Wordless Wednesday: Up on the Roof

View over Kensington Roof Gardens from Babylon restaurant
Kensington Roof Gardens - May 2014


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    1. I think so - this is on the roof of the roof garden as viewed from the hip and trendy Babylon restaurant :)

  2. How truly apt a post from you during November - my blogger’s hat truly tips off to you! Since your first ‘Hello World!’ post back on Friday, 2 November 2007 you have been entertaining and informing your blog visitors and kept musings from Veg Potting up on the roof in blogging terms ;-)

    Seven years of regular, great quality, blog posting - I applaud your time and commitment and clearly some great blog time management - turning a tad green especially on the later here ;-)

    Perhaps you weren't going to mention Veg Plotting was getting old, but hey I remembered! It was easy for me to remember with my blogiversay in Novemeber too. Wishing you well for year eight at Veg Plotting – who knows where it will take you. Hey - perhaps we might eventually meet up before your next blogiversary ;-)

    Sending my best wishes, Shirley xo

    1. Shirley - it's lovely to hear from you and I'm touched that you remembered my blogaversary. I gave it a very brief mention at the bottom of my recent cake recipe - somehow the cake seemed more important this year than mentioning the blogaversary. I found that a bit strange and I'm still trying to work out why!

  3. Fantastic piece of art!
    Hope you are having a great day!

  4. That is wonderful, such a beautiful work of art!

  5. Love this! We have a few of these painted cows in Denver too. All unique :-) love them

    1. Hi Brandon - welcome and thanks for Following :) We have quite a few of these initiatives - there are lots of Paddington Bears in London at the moment (which also coincides with the film coming out) and next year Bristol will have Sean the Sheep after last year's mega fundraising 80 Gromits set around the city. They're such fun things aren't they?

  6. Thanks Lea and Pauline! :)


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