Public Planting

Since I've been writing about public planting, it's been suggested I write a separate blog about this subject. Whilst I like the idea, it's too much to run another major blog alongside Veg Plotting. Instead, I've decided Public Planting should have its own Page outlining some of my key posts, plus some of the many links I've bookmarked and filed along the way.

However, I've also realised that I can't really do them justice within a single page. So I've classified the bookmarks I have into a number of key categories, with a post on each linked to from here. This is a work in progress not only whilst the separate category posts are created but also I expect here and the other posts will be updated as I discover more information that is of interest.

The categories identified so far (in no particular order) are:
  • Academic/Professional Organisations - UK
  • Charities/NGOs
  • Non-UK Resources
  • Initiatives/Projects
  • Publications
  • Blogs/People
  • Techniques and Best Practice
You may also like to look at my Defining Public Planting post from 2008 when I explained how I was intending to look at this topic. Since then I've relaxed my remit a little and I also talk about our major parks and open spaces where appropriate, though I do try and focus on the more everyday aspects of our planting that we pass by rather than specifically visit. All my posts about Public Planting can be found under the label of the same name in the left hand sidebar of this blog.

I also asked Do We care About Public Planting?  and concluded that many of us do. Such was the response to my public planting posts and you wanting to be involved in some way, that in 2009 I launched Out on the Streets (aka OOTS). This was at the time a quarterly meme inviting you to post about public planting in their neighbourhood. Here's the kick-off post I wrote in February 2009 when I announced this meme and explained how it would work.

Nowadays OOTS is more ad hoc, so you can find my posts under the Out on the Streets label, which includes all the previous quarterly memes. If you don't blog, but would still like to be involved in some way, there's always the possibility of a joint posting on here or a full blown guest post.

My latest major post is about the Olympic legacy and the case for having one for public planting.

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