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Friday, 17 October 2008

All Stitched Up and Ready To Go

I sent my consignment of tiny little hats to Innocent yesterday to meet today's deadline. I wonder if you or I'll spot any of my contributions in Sainsbury's next month?

Rather appropriately it's National Knitting Week, though I do prefer Flighty's discovery about Chocolate Week. Yum.


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  2. Hi VP - wished I had picked up on that - I dont shop in Sainsburys so it passed me by. I love knitting little things, have done some prem baby stuff in the past which is quite satisfying and the results are almost instant!

  3. VP, you are amazing, you really are!

  4. Thanks for the linked mention! I had a bar or two of Fruit and Nut to celebrate! xx

  5. Hmm - not sure about some of my comments. I seem to have seen something very similar before?

    PG - that's exactly why I enjoyed the Innocent knitting. I think they'll do it next year too - I'll let you know if they do. Like you, I'm looking for easy projects to get involved with.

    Victoria - aw shucks, thanks! :D

    Flighty - mine was Whole Nut!


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