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Am I the only person to find this latest story from the front of our local newspaper absolutely hilarious? It's a great combination of bizarre, lots of detail in a short space, yet leaving so many questions unanswered.

NB the clock's a reminder they go back an hour at 2am on Sunday.


  1. LOL it is a shame that the hand of the clock dont line up with the central dot. Looking at that would really annoy me!!!

    Love that the Americans made the front page. Maybe they were on a scavenger hunt!

  2. Looking at the clock again, like in Harry potter, platform 9 and 3/4. Maybe there is a 2ish-3ish hour... (ok I have to stop looking at that now!)

  3. Great - I had forgotten the clock go back - so thats less time in bed?! Darn!

  4. SOL - I hadn't even noticed, but you're right!

    Helen - nooooo we've got an extra hour in bed, yippee :)

  5. Hi Flighty - yes!!!!! What was a cardboard gorilla doing there in the first place? How do they know they were American and tourists? And that time is very precise, so why weren't they challenged and the gorilla returned? etc etc etc.

  6. I love headlines like this especially in these times of gloom and doom. Is it a weekly paper ? If so perhaps more will be revealed next week. Keep us posted VP.

  7. Anna - yes it's weekly and they do sometimes do follow up stories the next week. Or perhaps I should do my own?

  8. Nothing quite like a piece of investigative journalism VP - go to it ! I am sure that all readers of Veg Plotting will be on tenterhooks until you unearth the full facts.

  9. Wonderful ... just a thought, but perhaps they were only pretending to be Americans?


  10. Perhaps they were gorillas pretending to be Americans. Thanks so much for the heads-up on the clocks, VP: that had completely passed me by.

  11. I've heard of gorilla gardening (grin) before but stealing?

    It's getting dark so early already so putting the clock back won't help.

  12. That was an action of the Ape Rescue and Sanctuary Executive.

    It was myself, Emma Townshend and James Alexnader-Sinclair taking part.

    Unfortunately our intelligence was a bit lacking and it wasn't a real gorilla we ended up liberating.

    The American tourist thing seems to have come from a dimwitted bystander mistaking James's hat for a stetson.

    The cardboard gorilla is currently stashed in Emma Townshend's wardrobe, along with a similar cardboard figure of Joe Calzaghe, which was already there and the presence of which she has a (frankly over-elaborate) explanation for.

  13. That's absolutely riotous. It reminds me of the crime report in a friend's hometown paper (somewhere in Utah), which alerted readers to the theft of a local citizen's purse from her shopping cart at the grocery store. What set me off was the closing line: "The purse was later found in the baking goods aisle." Not condiments, mind you, or baked goods ... baking goods. If my purse is ever stolen in the grocery store, I know where I'm heading!

  14. hahahaha, All three of my Texas born monkeys were at home in bed. I checked on them. They had nothing to do with this theft. We have a rock solid alibi.

  15. Anna - I'll see what I can do.

    Joanna - I hadn't thought of that. To throw us off the scent like, hmmm.

    Victoria - nor that neither. Only too glad to help!

    Yolanda - I wondered about that too. Today's the last day of light for a long time in my view :(

    GM - I thought you might have been involved somewhere. Too bad you didn't swing across to Morrisons whilst you were at it and take the cutout of yer man too. Nice acronym though ;)

    Cindy - local newspapers are just the best aren't they ;)

    Debbi - Glad you checked, though it would have been great if you and the Monkeys had actually been around here :)

  16. That's a good one! I can easily understand local residents mistaking Gorillas for badly behaved Americans. I know people who have done similar things & can imagine the Gorilla cutout gracing some dorm room somewhere with Mardi Gras beads around its neck.
    Our time change has been delayed in the interest of saving energy. (The word verification is "woota." Kind of sounds like the emoticon "Woot".)

  17. MMD - Oh I do love the idea of Mardi Gras beads! As for delaying going back to GMT, it was tried over here during the 1970s, but deemed a failure.


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