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Monday, 20 October 2008

VP's Guide to Good Manors

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A return visit to Lytes Cary Manor for their 'Prepare for Spring' event yesterday. Plenty of colour left to admire; hints and tips from the Head Gardener's tour; crisp structural hedging; lots of lovely bulbs and plants to take home; polished off with a warming tot of ginger whisky liqueur courtesy of R. Pete Free. A perfectly relaxing afternoon.


  1. Looks lovely, always admire the Apostles when I see them in photographs - have contemplated spending a weekend here after I am done with the RT with Warner breaks, but it's so close to home, I feel I should venture further afield.

    Wish my quince had produced such good fruit, its been pitiful this year, and the medlars look great too.

  2. What a lovely collage, thank-you.

  3. Looks like you have had a great weekend. I spoted the medlars and quinces too-and have discovered my quinces have already fallen-just when I was thinking quince jelly.

  4. VP ... it sounds/and looks like it was a lovely outing ! and of course, spirits were clearly enjoyed to top off the day : )
    Very nice indeed !

  5. Beautiful, VP! And, of course, I loved your post's title. Now, how about following up with a guide to good manners? (Much harder to find than good manors in these times... )

  6. Gosh bulb planting time already? How can this be??? I havent even planted any Garlic or onion sets. No nothing. I have bought them, they are ready!

    I am so behind...

  7. VP, I'm always envious of all these wonderful gardens you are able to visit:) Looks like a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

    And I do enjoy a good pun!

    Just saw your post on your knitted hats, too; they are beautiful!

  8. Zoe - it's well worth a visit, but they close after half term. It's closer to home for me, but I'm still contemplating a longer break over there as there's so much more to see.

    RPF - you're welcome! I wanted to do something different to the write up from my previous visit!

    TS - shame, I could have scrumped some quinces for you! And yes, it was a lovely weekend thanks.

    Joy - It was great :)

    OFB - hmmm, I may be quite a while rising to your challenge. But you never know one day!

    SOL - there's still time, so don't panic!

    Rose - and there I am envying the garden visits you and Becky manage! But yes, I am very lucky indeed.


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