How Advertising Works at Garden Organic

  1. Stock an extensive range of environmentally friendly goods in your shop at Ryton
  2. Make sure you include items not usually found in other organic shops or gardening catalogues
  3. Wait for a blogger with a squirrel problem and a camera to spot a deterrent she's not seen before, in spite of extensive research into the problem
  4. Wait a little while longer until she spots something's wrong with the translation (click to enlarge image if needed)
  5. Et voila!

Having spent a small fortune squirrel proofing our loft last Autumn only to find they've now moved into the chimney pot instead, I was initially kicking myself for not finding this product earlier. Now I'm not so sure ;)


  1. Ha ha! I had to think about that one!
    I would never have noticed because I rarely read instructions and just roughly guess at how things should be used until it becomes obvious I was wrong.

  2. Good luck with solving the squirrel problem.

  3. Excellent spot. They must dread you coming with your camera.


  4. Good spot! There's a squirrel problem persisting in my garden - someone must have chucked some of that stuff on it.

  5. I have seen goof ups like this before but this one takes the cake. We do not want more squirrels.

    Hey--I'm thinking your package should arrive soon.

  6. Grin, fortunately there are no squirrels in my garden and I like it that way so I will certainly not buy this Sammy stuff. ;-)

  7. I feel like such an idiot, I couldn't see what the problem was, couldn't see the glaringly obvious mistake. What a hoot! Love it.
    I hope it's the nasty grey ones that are annoying you, them I can really send my hate vibes. If it's the adorable red ones which we have here but rarely see, sorry they are too lovely to hate. Plus SQUIRREL is one of my 3 favourite words ever!

  8. Well we have the problem persisting too even without the product. Way to have the camera ever at the ready. :-)

  9. Ah, but it may not be a problem with the wording - it might be something that is typical of some organic products. They don't make the problem go away - they make it worse! And who's idea was it to call a product 'Sammy'! How cute!!

  10. Arabella - I think I wouldn't have normally spotted this one either, but having had squirrel problems, my curiosity was piqued. Also, Maggi (my fellow visitor) and I had egged each other on to such heights of giggledom with some of the other things we'd seen that day, everything was getting examined in minute detail with the expectation we'd find something hilarious. We weren't disappointed.

    MNG - it's a lot better since we had the loft squirrel proofed, though I do have visions of them falling down the chimney and wreaking havoc in our lounge.

    Victoria - perhaps they did here when I wasn't looking!

    FGG - we certainly don't, except the red ones. No sign of the parcel yet, but we're experiencing a series of postal strikes at various sorting offices at the moment, so post's a little crazy around these parts at the moment. I'm trying to forget about it, so it's a lovely surprise when it arrives :)

    Yolanda - you're very lucky, wanna house swap?

    Carrie - unfortunately there's no red squirrels around here. If there were, I'd be declaring my loft a national park or something ;)

    Frances - I'm trying to make a habit of it, as I usually see about 5 things worth photographing when I don't have it to hand!

    Geoff - welcome! Perhaps the name tells us something about the efficacy of the product. It sounds more like an attractant doesn't it?

  11. membrozer - erm, I'm not quite with you...


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