You Know It's Autumn When...

September's officially the first month of autumn and whilst we're enjoying some lovely warm, sunny weather at the moment, there are unmistakable signs of the changing season.

You know it's autumn when...
  1. The trees start taking on their autumn hues
  2. You reluctantly take down the frames used for growing peas and put them back in the shed
  3. You're frantically making pickles, chutneys and jam to hoover up the rest of your harvest before the kitchen literally explodes with produce
  4. You need to wipe off the condensation from your car in the morning before going out
  5. You can ignore the moss in your lawn no longer as it's the only thing left
  6. Chrysanthemums and Cyclamen supersede the summer plants used in your pot displays
  7. Autumn digging reveals the onions and potatoes you missed during harvesting
  8. You can't go anywhere in the garden without walking through a host of giant cobwebs bedecked with stripy spiders
  9. The earth takes on a distinct decaying smell and there's a lovely golden light in the garden
  10. The cats are getting reluctant to go out in the morning
  11. You bring in the solar lamps and get out the waterproof seat covers
  12. The owls start hooting at bedtime
  13. You get a reminder about ordering spring bulbs and lots of attractive catalogues start plopping through the letter box
  14. Displays of goods for that event beginning with C start to appear in the shops and the garden centre
  15. You seriously contemplate buying a juicer/dehydrator/insert expensive gadget of your choice to cope with your harvest
  16. You're still behind with your gardening jobs
  17. The mosquitoes have moved into the house
  18. You seriously think about starting an RHS course or something similar to while away the dark evenings
  19. You become obsessed with muck and mulch - their creation, acquisition, storage and spreading
  20. It's time to collect/dry seeds and take advantage of the hedgerow harvest
  21. What else can you add to the list?


  1. I've been moving all the plants around.

  2. Squirrels dig holes in all your patio pots, including one planted with a very unusual aeonium. Grrrrr!!

  3. The urge to shift plants becomes overwhelming!

    The fox and badger poo on the lawn and drive becomes even more plentiful.

    You can hear the foxes barking at night as the fox cubs get turfed out to find their own new homes. :)

  4. No - I refuse to add to this we are having our "summer"

  5. In my garden~~The squirrels delight in dropping hickory nuts on your head as you begin the fall clean up! gail

  6. If you go out with your son to look at wildlife by torchlight in the middle of the night (well, it seemed like a good idea at the time), you can see your breath in front of your face.

  7. Your new tortoise starts to look sleepy and eats a little less!

    I have been looking everywhere for mallow flowers - she loves them - but can't find anymore after stripping the neighbour's plant bare.


  8. You don't need to stay up waiting for the hens to put themselves away before you shut the pophole. By eight o' clock they are already line up on the perch as the days get shorter!

  9. Hi everyone - you've all come up with fantastic additions to the list. Thank you :)

  10. You know it's autumn when you can't decide which to do first - rake the leaves or trying to finish planting all the plants you bought over the summer.

  11. When there are fewer and fewer sweet peas to cut and their stems get shorter and shorter :)

  12. MMD - good one! That's the dilemma I have at the moment. But there's more leaves to come, so perhaps I'll leave that one until later!

    Anna - must remember to sow my sweet peas for next year. Thanks for the reminder :)


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