Guess Who's Coming to Malvern :)

NB this is a simulcast with Meet at Malvern to ensure everyone coming or thinking of coming to Malvern Spring Show has a chance to see this very important information.

I thought it was about time I attempted to put together all my 'virtual scraps of paper' (i.e. emails, blog comments, tweets and direct messages) into a summary and publish a first cut view of who's coming so you can see the information I have from you plus who else is coming to the show. I tweeted a couple of days ago I needed a spreadsheet summary, ideally to publish on here and the lovely Frugilegus came up with the goods by suggesting I try this simple scheduling tool. It's done the job, shame it can't tell me when I don't put something in alphabetical order - so sorry Anna and Dawn :(

If you click on link at the top of the box below, you'll see a summary of who's coming and when. I've also split each date into two, so you can see who'll be at the show or meal each day. You'll also see most of it's in yellow which means I don't have firm information from you yet. It's also quite possible I've interpreted the information I do have from you incorrectly. Therefore, I need you to have a look at the schedule and confirm what you're doing and when. The most important events to clarify right now are who is coming to each meal. Helen needs to book this for us ASAP, especially as there could be rather a lot of us.

You won't be able to change the information online as I need to know who's responded with an update. I'd love to give you a free hand, but it would make it impossible for me to know who's updated, who hasn't and who's happy with what's on there. Please email me at Malvernmeet at gmail dot com with the changes needed for you OR confirming your details are correct by 5pm Friday 5th February. I'll be chasing any stragglers after that! I'll be tweeting this most important post shortly. I'd appreciate it if all my fellow tweeps could retweet the link, particularly as there's a danger I might have missed someone out (Frugilegus in particular?) who thinks they're coming. Many apologies if I have :(


  1. I can't find 'the box below'. Is it just me?

  2. I want to see the box! Of course we can't come, but we are sooo nosy about this meet up! :-)

  3. Eeeeeek! I hit the publish button instead of save! sorry for the confusion everyone.

    It's there now for you to have a look...


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