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Friday, 12 February 2010

How Advertising Works in Chippenham #13

  1. Plan to have your usual winter plant sale
  2. Design a seasonal banner to welcome customers at the entrance to your garden centre
  3. Wait for a blogger without a camera to notice the ambiguity of your main message
  4. Luckily her companion does have her camera :)
  5. Wait for her to notice the picture caption on the advert is also hilarious (click to enlarge picture)
  6. Et voila!

My thanks to Threadspider for providing the picture.

I can't believe this occasional series now stands at number 13, but then on the other hand perhaps I can because Chippenham's a rather quirky place. You can read the rest of the series (with a few added extras for good measure) if you click here.


  1. Quite hilarious! Words escape me...

  2. Hooray for Threadspider! Love it, thanks for bringing a smile. :-)

  3. Dear VP, This really does bring home the absurdity of the times in which we live! Happy weekend!

  4. "Picture fpr illustration only." Well, glad we cleared that up.

  5. Well...I have to be honest. I am so desperate for gardening that my envy for a real plant sale over rode my appreciation for the humor..Then I laughed! gail

  6. Brilliant! The mind just boggles at what else they thought we could use the picture for :o)

  7. Wonderful - what an absurd land we live in at times! :)

  8. I screwed up my comment & now my brain hurts. I do love the sign & the ambiguity. As for the caption, do they mean that the image can't be planted out in the garden.

  9. Brill!

    (My word verification is ziziness...maybe that describes the pic? Or does that mean something rude in french?)

  10. So glad it made you smile everyone :)

    Colleen - I love the word 'ziziness'!


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