Unusual Front Gardens #7: Rowde

NAH and I went to Devizes for the afternoon today, which reminded me on the way that I'd taken this photo last October of a front garden in the nearby village of Rowde. I'd like to go back when it's dark after a sunny day (so the batteries are fully charged) to see what the effect of the solar lamp 'eyes' have on passing motorists. It could be rather alarming to see a bush which glows in the dark!

Everywhere is full of Valentine's Day at the moment. There's special window displays replete with balloons, red roses, heart shaped biscuits and cakes with pink icing, chocolates, champagne, the works. Of course anywhere that serves food has some kind of Valentine's meal promotion. Most of them are the usual fayre: the one which stood out for me was at Wadworth's, the local brewery in Devizes. Their special comprises: a tour of the brewery, beer tasting, a 2 course meal and a souvenir bottle of Valentine Ale to take home at £20 per person. I hope the beer's not that strong, else there might be a bit of brewer's droop later on!

We're classy in Wiltshire.


  1. Haa haa, thats great. I love a sense of humor:)

  2. oooh, Sorry, but it kinda creeped me out. I wonder what Plant Amnesty would say?

  3. Hey VP girl ! That was too funny : )
    I think you are going to enjoy that Valentine's feast very much and no worries on that special ale .. have some fun girl !!
    PS hubby's birthday is on Valentine's Day .. now how SWEET is that ? LOL

  4. I especially like the contrast of the ball to the spikey thing (yucca on a stick?).

  5. When ever I see the road sign to Devizes I start to sing The Who's Disguises, but substitute the word Devizes for Disguises. Thought I'd let you know.

  6. My parents met each other in Devizes, in about 1941, at that hotel - the Boar? The Bear? Something like that.

    If they hadn't, I'd be someone else. Or I wouldn't exist at all. What a laugh.

  7. Stone Art - welcome!

    Karen, MMD, Carrie and Anna - ;)

    Cindee - I think they'd be rather alarmed!

    Dawn - that might be so but I rather like it.

    Joy - happy birthday to your hubby for Sunday :)

    Monica - it's a Cordyline. Similar to Yucca in form.

    Martyn - hmm I might be joining you in that song from now on!

    Nigel - It's The Bear. Now I shall always think of you whenever we go to Devizes!


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