Ah, the Language of Love...

Today's Leap Day, the traditional day when women can propose marriage to their men. I didn't do that, but we did get married in a Leap Year so since then NAH and I have a running joke where I propose to him every Leap Day and he flatly refuses because he's a 'happily married man'. It's a shared joke which has me giggling and hugging to myself for days beforehand and it brings us closer together on the day.

Our cosiness was interrupted this morning by the arrival of the local florist's van and the proffering of the pictured Phalaenopsis to NAH. His concern I might have a secret admirer soon turned to relief when I showed him the accompanying message:

Dear VP, Sorry we couldn't get your original plant but hope you enjoy the orchid.
Love the Flower Council of Holland (@meandmyplants).

My thanks to Victoria for her quick wit on Twitter this morning :)

You can see which of 30 houseplants is your perfect partner and have the chance to win a copy of a rather fun and funky book on how to look after them by visiting the Me and My Plant website.

Oh and if you haven't heard The Unbelievable Truth, then you've just missed one of Radio 4's comedy gems.

Update 29/2/2016: NAH and renewed our running joke today, to a much better effect than the Me and My Plant website, which looks like it's been demoted to a placeholder site.


  1. Great comment from John, but sadly he links to a commercial website so his backlink's been removed:

    That's what my mom believed also. Quite funny right? This orchid occupied quarter of my mom's garden. She didn't know if it's for love but she told me she loved it! I'll share this post to her, surely she'll be amazed :-)

  2. LOL! That reminds me (for some bizarre reason) - please thank NAH on my behalf for recommending noise-cancelling headphones. I bought a pair before I went to Miami and managed to watch THREE movies on the plane, succeeded in completely blocking out the screaming infant three seats away AND arrived without the usual skull-crushing headache and ear problems.
    Didn't watch movies on flight home, but peacefully read book and again touched down without headache or ear problems.
    I can't quite bring myself to tell you which ones I bought or what I paid. Tell Andy I'm having therapy to get over the shock of how much they cost and that will give him a fair idea which ones they were.
    But worth every penny...

  3. My OED agrees with NAH. I'll never look at orchids the same way again.

  4. BTW, it's the roots that are supposed to look like testicles, not the flowers!

  5. Victoria - Andy's chuffed they work for you too :)

    And so glad you enlightened me which part of the plant we're talking about. I was about to say I can see what he means judging by those flower buds!

    Diana - thanks for telling us my husband agrees with the official definition ;)


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