Now You See Them...

Now you see them...

... and now you don't!

Regular readers are familiar with the 'sentinel conifers' in the middle of VP Gardens and my desire to get rid of them. They also know how long I take to get round to things, so Friday was a significant day in the history of my garden. It's taken years for this day to finally happen.

I haven't a clue what's going to replace them. What's become clear since they've come down is how many of the plants which surrounded them need to go too. Having moulded themselves around the trees' outline, they're too much out of shape to be brought back into line.

I'm struggling with how the terraced beds go from cool shade (from the public land next door) through to a hot, sunny Mediterranean aspect in just a few feet. Finding a set of plants which go together well within those constraints, whilst providing lots of seasonal interest and riches for wildlife is going to take quite a bit of step sitting first ;)


  1. Wow..what a difference! Did those grow big very quickly? I don't remember them from when you did your virtual open garden a few years back.

  2. Thats has made an amazing difference, they got much bigger in the last couple of years since I visited you.

    Have fun planning and dreaming on the sitting step

  3. We're having a massive conifer cut down in a few weeks time and wondering what sort of a difference it will make. Hopefully more light!

  4. Always a shock to look at a garden after something major is removed. You will have a great time making plans for the area. A new planting opportunity is a gardener's dream!

  5. I love the open look and blank slate...while it appears a bit of a dilemma at first, it is so rewarding when inspiration hits and the creative juices come....

  6. Wow...quite the can of worms you've finally upended ;) Looking forward to reading what you decide to uproot & to replace with.

  7. A very good decision. Well done. I think a couple of glasses of wine while step sitting will help the process!!

  8. hurrah!
    what a good excuse to get some new things. Happy to come on any shopping trips :)

  9. Space for more plants - wonderful!

  10. I see what you mean - big changes were indeed afoot! Very exciting, though challenging, planting opportunity. Much step sitting, tea drinking, tweeting and dreaming. But oh, the shopping to come ;-) It really opens the garden up and must change the feel of it dramatcally. Enjoy!

  11. Hurrah, thos big whopping trees are no more. Well done and happy planning what to put in their place next. Oodles of possibilities I'd say. ;-)

    XX Yolanda

  12. Hi everyone - thanks for all your positive comments. It's amazing how different the garden looks.

    I've decided not to do too much in the way of planting this year. I need to get rid of more stuff - lots of it. I'm then going to do a massive mulch and sow annuals for this year whilst I decide what the longer term plans are :)


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