Out on the Streets: A Blogging Miscellany

Anna spotted this stylish planting complete with edible kale and chard whilst in France

Since I've been noodling around the internet researching public planting, I've come across all kinds of blog posts on the topic - so here's a miscellany of some of them:

Noel Kingsbury introduces his latest project for Bristol City Council; whilst Adam Woodruff writes about his vibrant design for the Bank of Springfield in Illinois on his own website and over at Gardening Gone Wild, where Frannie Sorin also told us about the vertical garden she found in Israel. Meanwhile Claire Potter shows us some tres chic French style from her travels.

Shirley Bovshow over at Eden Makers Blog raises the thorny issue of graffiti on trees.

Grow This questions the wisdom of shopping mall schemes in his neighbourhood; Julia bemoans the changes in London's St. James' Park, finds a good municipal planting for winter interest and has a look inside West Middlesex Hospital.

Catmint's been mulling over the use of native species for her garden and has changed the design of the nature strip outside her Melbourne home as a result. Alternatively, Otter Farm Blog thinks we should be thinking about edible public areas.

And finally Garden Wise Guy introduces the winners of the 2nd Santa Barbara Not So Beautiful Awards.

If you'd like to join in March's Out on the Streets look at public planting - all you need to do is write your post and add your details to Mr Linky in here.


  1. I am really enjoying the linked posts! The Santa Barbara most ugly were truly most ugly! Loved Anna's planting shot from France. I was quite impressed with the bank design by Adam, too. I wanted to participate but I dropped my new camera on the concrete stoop on Tuesday...shortly before my computer crashed...It has been a good few days...Nothing more has happened!
    I hope you are all relaxed after your celebrations? gail

  2. Some interesting links there VP - many thanks :) Somewhere I have more photos of French public planting, so will try to put together an 'Out on the Streets' posting soon. You might like to take a peek at this post on Rob's blog 'Au Coeur du Jardin' :


  3. As I started this post, I thought, gee, I wonder if she'll have a link to Garden Wise Guy's stuff, and you did. His stuff is always terrific. I'm looking forward to following up the other links--

  4. I've often noticed rather good roundabout and public plantings in France even (or perhaps more so) in the smallest of villages.

    In Brighton there was a flower bed on a slope spelling out 'Welcome to Brighton' in bedding plants. When we changed to 'The City of Brighton and Hove' they obviously couldn't afford the plants for the longer title so now we just have a sad looking 'Welcome'.

  5. Gail - glad you like the posts. Yes, GWG's post is inspired and very funny :)

    Anna - thanks for the link and I look forward to seeing more of your pictures

    Kate - so glad I didn't disappoint you!

    Arabella - how unfortunate, but also funny. Any chance of a picture?

    Monica - glad you like it!


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