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Sunday, 29 March 2009

There, That's Better

Thanks for your patience re the strange looking left sidebar yesterday and today. Needless to say I've learnt a lot from the experience! As you can see I've switched templates to solve the problem and then edited it to regain the 3 column layout.

I hope you like the new look: I'd been thinking the old one might not be too good for people with red/green colour blindness anyway and so changing colours was on my blog to-do list. Yesterday's problem meant it just happened a little quicker :)

Many thanks to those of you who left supportive comments, helpful ideas and links to useful stuff over the past couple of days.


  1. I like the new look VP -it's most soothing on the eye.
    I will have to come to you advice on three column layouts when I am brave enough to try :)

  2. Great job - I like 3columns much more. Considering the switch as well.

  3. I like this layout a lot VP !
    very clear and easy to read .. great job girl ! Joy : )

  4. I like it too - I think it's a much nicer colour, but then I'm a founding member of the anti-p*nk brigade ;) It looks very spring-like now.

    Just read about your having taken off WV and I am wondering - is there such a thing as (welcome) Spam?!

  5. Works well for me. I had a lot of trouble with my templates at first and sympathise. Looks good now.

  6. Hi everyone - thanks for your positive comments on the new layout :)

  7. Juliet - I'm not sure about welcome, but I have had a couple of examples of hilarious juxtapositions of things that are totally inappropriate to the post's content!

  8. I like the new look. It's more elegant and peaceful. (I liked the old look as well, cluttered and busy and purposeful and cheerful.)

    Perhaps you should do a three column tutorial?


  9. Esther - I let go of the old layout with a heavy heart, but I'm also glad that circumstances kick started me into doing a revamp and adding a couple of tweeks I've been meaning to do. Isn't it strange how just a change in the basic template and colour can totally transform the look from 'busy' to peaceful?

    No need for me to do a 3 column tutorial, the link Crafty Gardener gave me was excellent. It's all there.


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