5 Things to Warm The Cockles of This Allotmenteer's Heart

  1. The return of Mr & Mrs Robin to my shed - they've moved from above the door this year to take up residence on the shelf next to the Blood, Fish and Bone
  2. The pictured notice on the allotment gate
  3. Enough red veined sorrel on my neglected plot to make delicious soup
  4. A green woodpecker a mere two feet away when I got to the allotment yesterday - I'm hoping it'll help to tackle the ants on my plot
  5. Threadspider's help in kick-starting this year's digging - my patch is starting to look cared for instead of abandoned. Thanks so much my friend :D


  1. re #5: that's a true friend! we have 3 woodpeckers around here-they like to get into a chorus-rhythm. 2 attack a tree in opposite corners while 1 insists on whacking at anything metallic.

  2. I love your blog's new look, makes it all much easier to read!

    Loving the list too, especially the second one.

  3. Ooooooo- would there was a note like that on our lottie gate - I would be glowing with excitement. Good to hear that Threadspider has come to your aid on the plot - now there's a real friend !

  4. Funny how things which are in plentiful supply in one person's garden are nurtured as if they were rarities elsewhere.

    I've got four red veined sorrel plants in a little pot in the garden which have lasted the winter - neither dieing nor growing.

    (None of the other seeds got as far as coming up last year.)


  5. I love the new look (have I said that before?) still very VP - but also such a nice clear colour.
    What a nice list, and what a nice friend you have in Threadspider.

  6. Only a gardener would get giddy over well-rotted horse manure...

  7. These are all good news and what a good friend. I was going to say the same as Susan (lol).

  8. Nice list - strange how I can get excited at the thought of rotting horse manure....!!!
    Isn't it great to have such good friends like Threadspider who are prepared to come and help.
    Must try growing sorrel!

  9. You can't beat some birds and a good poo.

    That didn't come out too well, but you know what I mean...


  10. Ah, we are all so scatalogical! Brilliant list; hope Mr & Mrs Robin are in the mood for baby making!! I have never seen a Woodpecker in real life - how lucky you are!. Oh, and threadspider is a darlin' stay on their good side, wink wink.

  11. Wow, not just manure, but free manure and not just free manure but free AGED manure. That IS a treat! The green woody's also cute.

  12. My pleasure! Glad to have helped in the cockle warming.I like the revised layout of the blog.

  13. That's a handful of uplifting items which should warm anyone's cockles! It does mine that's for sure! xx

  14. Petoskystone - I was surprised to find it on the ground and not up a tree, but having looked at the RSPB website whilst putting this post together, it seems quite common for them to be found there foraging for ants in particular.

    Deb - thank you, especially for the feedback re readability. I chose yellow as the default white seemed to have quite a glare.

    Anna - it's the second year in a row that it's happened :) And yes, Threadspider's a very special friend!

    Esther - you've given me an idea - must put the sorrel in a pot and bring it back here

    Karen - no you didn't and thank you!

    Susan - I love your choice of the word giddy :)

    Hermes - yes, a very good friend :)

    Nutty Gnome - sorrel's fantastic in salads as well as soup - a sharp, lemony flavour as well as looking fab. Do give it a try.

    Claire - I do, but the way you put it made me giggle :)

    Carrie - the robins are sitting very firmly on the nest. I was rootling around in the shed for a good 5 minutes before Mr or Mrs decided enough was enough. It gave me quite a shock even though I'd been wondering if they'd return this year!

    Monica - in the absence of humming birds in this country woody's are amongst my favourite birds.

    TS - thank you so much. Gald you like the new layout!

    Flighty - thanks! x


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