ABC Wednesday 4: Y is for...

... Yoghurt

Mmmm - what could be finer than raspberries freshly picked from my allotment just 10 minutes ago, topped with some organic Greek-style yoghurt? I know you're shouting Cream! at your PC right now, but trust me, this is heaps better :D

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  1. I love raspberries, but not that keen on yoghurt! I prefer mine with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream! xx

  2. I LOVE Greek Style yogurt! It's creamy than cream if that is possible:)

  3. VP GIRL ! How are you ... after enjoying that wonderful treat ? : )
    Yes .. that yogurt is wonderful .. as is most Greek food .. but the fresh fruit and yogurt is the tops ! ... now you are going to make me think of this ALL DAY !! LOL

  4. And much healthier:) Seeing your photos of raspberries is making me crave some. Unlike you, I will have to visit the farmer's market in order to get some.

  5. Oh this looks delicious. It's not fair! I'm reading this at work and I'm now yearning for raspberries and Greek yogurt! Val

  6. Hi!
    I'm not a yogurt lover, but that does look YUMMY! Have a great day!


  7. That looks wonderful! I made an 'Eton Mess' the other day. Just whipped cream, broken meringue and squashed raspberries all mixed up!

  8. Yummm, that looks good enough to eat....

  9. You are so right Michelle. I love Greek style yogurt too, and have it most mornings with muesli, although we have a glut of raspberries at the moment, so had some with yogurt for our dessert the other day. As it tastes like cream, I daren't look at the calorie content on the packaging! x

  10. I just began making my own yogurt at home and love it!
    My treat is yogurt and fresh blueberries!
    Yours looks yummy!

  11. I LOVE yoghurt and raspberries, plus nectarine and some really strong chestnut honey. i might go and have some right now...

  12. Raspberries and anything is good, VP, especially more raspberries. We're in high strawberry season here, so we're eating prodigious amounts of them. Raspberries in a couple of weeks to come.

  13. Flighty - OK, so you were shouting ice cream at your PC ;)

    Marie - exactly. It's like having a massive treat without the guilt isn't it?

    Joy - good thank you! I hope you quit thinking and went and got some?

    Rose - yes. They made a delicious breakfast :)

    Valeri - oh dear.

    Sherrie - they were absolutely yummy :)

    Matron - our next door neighbour makes a mean Eton Mess. Slurp!

    Photowannabe - thanks,

    TIMP - lovely to see you. Don't worry about the calorie content - it's a lot less than cream and even more delicious!

    Karen - even more yum, there's more for tonight!

    Sherry - our blueberries aren't ripe yet, so that treat's still to come

    Victoria - I do hope you did

    Jodi - strawberries are just a trickle now until the everbearers kick in. Then it'll be strawberries, blueberries and raspberries :)

  14. Love raspberries and am eating lots right now, partly to prevent the hens from pinching the low down ones. And yes to Greek yoghurt although love cream too but perhaps just not quite as much!

  15. An excellent take on Y VP - I am with you on yoghurt rather than cream. I try to be virtuous and opt for the Total 0% fat brand :)

  16. I'm with you - I don't eat cream on my fruit. My raspberries are likely to be naked, or covered in thick creamy organic yoghurt! Not necessarily Greek style, there's a great bio yoghurt here called Yeo Valley which is good on fruit!

    Guess what? I used it in my 'Y' post!

  17. Elizabethm - I actually prefer yoghurt now :)

    Anna - you're more virtuous than I am. I like to think I'm still having a treat ;)

    Jay - a friend of mine works for them and it was exactly that kind of yoghurt which makes an appearance here. Yum.


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