ABC Wednesday 5: A is for...

... Advertising

aka How Advertising Works in Chippenham 6 - a very occasional series of mine:
  1. Set up a new service for your business on the A4 in Corsham
  2. Select and adapt a couple of vans to promote it
  3. Place said vans along the A4 - one in Chippenham and the other on the far side of Corsham
  4. Wait for a Blogger with a camera to spot the bucket on top of the van and find it funny - especially as she saw it just a week or so after the pink umbrellas
  5. Et voila!

Has anyone else noticed how Hand Car Wash businesses seem to be cropping up everywhere? We saw quite a few of them in Norfolk too. Is it a sign of our times or a business reaction to the credit crunch perhaps? The van on the other side of Corsham doesn't have anything on top of it and therefore isn't as effective as the Chippenham one in my view.

You can view the previous post in this occasional series here.

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  1. I wondered how long it would take you to blog this. I see it every day on my run and it makes me laugh; I was going to post it on my blog but I knew you'd see it eventually.

  2. This is quite a funny subject to study and a great way to kick off the round. Thanks on the teams behalf. It made me lol.

  3. They never want to wash my vehicle though, it might be a bit big for them: a standard 50-seater coach! Love the pink bucket...

  4. We have similar advertising vans in Taipei too. People hate them because they occupy some of the most desirable roadside parking spots for a whole day or sometimes a whole week. I think the city govermnt eventually regulate them.

  5. A fun and funny post to star off the new round! I've never seen this, but it must work for them. I like the pink bucket on top...

  6. I wonder if they ever forget it's there and drive off with it on top!!

    I recently drove quite a few up-and-down miles with my little gardening digging-up-dandelions knife balanced on the boot of my car! I felt rather proud that I must be quite a smooth driver when I found it at my destination :)

  7. I've been going through these posts in attempt to find good words for round six.
    First good word that I found was about anchor, but this definately is good runner up (or candidate for round 7).
    It gives you so much freedom on how you want to present it. Good job on this ABC.
    I chose fell in Lapland for my topic.

  8. Too many small businesses fail to advertise to save money; absolutely the WRONG thing to do, ESPECIALLY in this economy. Good choice.

  9. The other thing I have noticed is more andmore home maintenance vans and leaflets through the door offering to do jobs. Sad really!

  10. I'm surprised they allow these vans to stay along side the roads, or do they drive around occasionally to avoid being towed? Clever post, VP!

  11. Good one!

    Car wash businesses are everywhere here, too - most of ours are run by Eastern Europeans. I think they started it, as a way to earn a crust here, and others have picked up on it. We have one close to home here, and they're very good, very fast and also cheap. My younger son calls it the Koso-wash because the young men running it are Kosovans!

  12. Mark - it makes me laugh too and I'm surprised that bucket's still there. Thanks for letting me blog this one first. But you shouldn't hang back - just blog away :)

    Babooshka - I'm constantly surprised at how much material there actually is for this subject. Just as I run out something else always comes along ;)

    Mara - welcome! I'm sure they's do a bulk discount for you ;)

    Grace and Bradley - hmm. I wonder if a dangerous precedent's been set?

    Carol - welcome! It's the fact it's pink that really makes it, yes?

    Phoenix C - so far I think they've just left it there because I've seen it at all hours of the day...

    Juha - good to see you here :)

    Roger Owen Green - hello! They've been quite inventive haven't they?

    PG - we've always had loads of those. Now we seem to be the target of door to door 'Chuggers' (charity muggers)

    Rose - they're positioned off-road, so can get round it that way.

    Jay - thanks for the extra insight :)


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