ABC Wednesday 5: R is for...

... Rickey!

I'm not really a fan of Eastenders, but I can't help but remember Bianca's call of Ricky! whenever I see Heuchera 'Lime Rickey'. This was a most popular plant in the displays at the RHS shows early last year and I also admired it at several of my lime tolerant plant workshops at The Botanic Nursery before I finally caved in and bought one from there last summer.

It now nestles in a pot in a shadier corner of my patio. This particular Heuchera is descended from the woodland line, so it's not one for full sunlight - a lot of this can make the leaves look washed out. It also likes a moist soil and produces white flowers in the summer which are attractive to bees. As you can see, it's still wearing the lime hues that it's named after at the moment. I actually value it even more during the winter. As the colder, frosty weather kicks in, the leaves will take on a more buttery, yellow colour - a most welcome trait in the darker days of December and January.

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  1. isn't a lime rickey a mixed drink?

  2. I love heuchera 'Lime Rickey', too, VP! (And yes, it is a mixed drink.) Mine are more chartreuse than lime, though, which makes me like them even more!

  3. Ooh, that's lovely!
    I do like heucheras, but I've not come across this one before.I'll have to keep my eyes open for one ......I know just the place to put one :)

  4. I love 'Lime Rickey', and 'Key Lime Pie', but Emmat slightly put me off when she said they look like lettuce. Next time she says anything like that, I'm going to shout" "RICKYYYYYY!!!!!" very loudly in her ear.

  5. I have a lime green one but I don't know which is which & of course I no longer have a label! Even looking on the internet doesn't help me. Well I suppose it might if I could be bothered to spend the time looking at the detail! It has pink rather than white flowers. Whatever, I love it/them!

  6. I thought you gave me a lime rickey Ms B. Are you now saying you didn't have a clue what is was? Pfft!

    Anyway I also love lime rickeys in the winter they really lift a darkish shady spot near the patio doors. The other one is in a sunnier spot and does look ropey in the summer but has regained it's bright lime leaves now.

  7. I must admit that I have stared 'Rickey' in the face a few times but have resisted his charms up to now :) I did not realise that the leaves turn colour in the winter. May not be able to resist his charms for much longer :)

  8. Petoskystone - I don't know!

    OFB - it's fab isn't it. I think your Chartreuse is what I mean by yellow - I must confirm and add to the YAWA disctionary if necessary...

    Nutty Gnome - go fetch girl :)

    Victoria - I have both and yes, they remind me of Emma's comment about lettuce too!

    Ms B - Lime Rickey has white flowers and I can't remember what Key Lime Pie has...

    Arabella - they tend to look a bit washed out in full sun in my experience and that's because they have a woodland heritage. This cold weather's yellowing mine up a treat!

    Anna - go and buy one, you know you want to. On second thoughts I'll see if a can find a piece to pot up for you when it gets a bit warmer.


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