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Thursday, 5 November 2009

How Advertising Works in Chippenham #10

  1. Decide on a completely new product range for your garden centre
  2. Assemble your publicity material
  3. Ensure it has a prominent display in the latest Garden Club newsletter
  4. Wait for a blogger with a camera to spot something's wrong
  5. Et voila!

For me this is wrong on two levels: Victoria has also explored the topic of garden centres' chosen product ranges recently - worth a look not only for her views, but the ensuing conversation in the comments. My local garden centre's also displaying a banner alongside the main road which reads: Our themed Christmas store now open. Guess what the theme is?

In the interests of balanced reporting I should also add they're organising a project to coincide with National Tree Week, where representatives from each school taking part will have a session at the garden centre on how to plant a tree and look after it. They'll then choose two trees from a selection of native species to take back to plant in their school grounds :)


  1. Do you mean the fact they have written shop's?
    Could be that they have opened a toy shop in each of the two garden centres then it would be shop's?!

  2. Dave - yes it is the shop's - the apostrophe shouldn't be there because it's already in the Whitehall's bit. There's nothing belonging to the shops, they belong to Whitehall.

    It's only a matter of time before I get caught out on the state of my grammar too ;)

  3. Maybe the toys belong to the shops ;o)

  4. Those misplaced apostrophes are everywhere VP :) I am beginning to doubt myself every time I see one. The tree planting project more than makes up for the grammatical error.

  5. Oh dear not more clutter at Whitehall? Every time I visit it seems to be expanding. Never managed to find anything I ever fancied buying in their nik nak hall there's just acres of obscure tat! And have you seen the price of their chirstmas decorations??? I had to be sedated last year when I saw how much they were charging for a string of dried oranges and a cinnamon stick!

  6. The world seems to have taken a bizarre twist today!

  7. I have to be the worst blogger for spelling mistakes.

    So I tend to post photos in preference to writing and use spell check, but then no spell check for comments so I can't criticise really.

  8. Dave - perhaps ;)

    Anna - I'm really pleased about the tree planting :)

    RO - it's set to get even worse there as they've had planning permission granted to expand. I wonder how much of the new space will actually have anything to do with gardening?

    TS - doesn't it do that every day? ;)

    Joanne - I'm dreadful with comment spelling too, particularly as I can't type as quickly as my brain would like my fingers to be able to do.


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