Blogaversary: Approaching The Terrible Twos

Some dates have a resonance. Your birthday is one of these of course, plus any where one of life's milestones is met along the way: graduation or marriage for instance. Sometimes other dates acquire significance, seemingly at random. For me, today's one of the latter.

Five years ago, it was the date I finally 'phoned in sick at work and told them I couldn't take the stress anymore. A year later, it was when I and several of my colleagues commenced our Diplomas in Business Analysis *. Then two years ago I decided to join my local choir and I also finally realised my career break really needed to become a little more permanent.

It was that very same day I decided to start this blog without a clue about what I was doing and where it might lead. Your company on the rollercoaster is much appreciated, it's been heaps of fun over the 800+ posts I've made. However, now we're at the notorious terrible twos stage, who knows what tantrums I'll find alongside the uninhibited giggles?

In the meantime, here's a rather calming view for us to admire and to thank you for your support and comments. It was taken last Thursday from the top of Bowden Hill near Lacock. It's a view which caters for both rich and poor. Here I'm standing on National Trust land and the view's free. A little way down the hill, I can look out across the vast swathe of Wiltshire spread below me like a map for the cost of a pint or three at The Rising Sun (one of our favourite spots on a warm summer's evening). A little further down the price for the same view is well over a million pounds, should I wish to buy a house very similar to this one shown on Grand Designs.

* = the marking for the oral exam is rather enlightened as one of the categories assessed is Enthusiasm. I was awarded an A+, probably because once I'd been asked a question, they couldn't shut me up despite them fielding a rather tricky one on Profit and Loss accounts!


  1. Happy Birthday to a most prolific blogger..800 posts in two years is of an Olympic standard.
    Keep on, keeping on

  2. Well done!!! Like the shot of Bowden Hill. Do you ever get around to Calne or Corsham?

  3. Congratulations and happy 2nd bloggiversary!

    I share your delight at leaving the horrors of a stressful and unrewarding job to go it alone. My 'career break' is now coming up to its 4th anniversary (in January) and like you I hope it will remain permanent forever more.

    Somehow it doesn't surprise me you got an A+ for enthusiasm...

    Here's hoping for many more happy years of blogging to come.

  4. Congratulations VP !
    Well Done girl : )
    Speaking from practical experience .. I had the "Terrible THREES" with my son .. but that is a whole other story ? LOL
    I love that view .. and I have been in awe of the UK countryside for a very long time .. 1995 in fact when we moved to Holland .. and I became a full on fanatic of British TV .. which continued here .. for shows on how to live your dreams in the country to restoring from the ground up .. the shots of the country side and quaint villages/towns and seasides .. all amazing for such a populated nation !
    I have a friend in Shropshire so seeing her shots of places she has visited .. well my own personal tour guide ?
    I also love how you couldn't "stop" your explanation of optimism in short !
    Joy : )
    Come over for cakes and tea girl !

  5. Happy blogiversary!

    It's now 3 years since I gave up a mega-stressful job in the NHS and I don't regret it for one second!

    I love enthusiasm!!!!

  6. Happiest of blogging birthdays! Over 800 posts...WOW and Double WOW! The Bowden Hill view is beautiful. The Grand designs view would certainly cause a raise in blood pressure~~all that work to acquire and keep it! gail

  7. A most happy blogaversary, VP! You are never at a loss for words, are you, 800 posts in two years is simply mind boggling! We have loved every word too. I believe many bloggers share that trait of never being at a loss for words, it's what brought us to the blogdom. May your twos be anything but terrible. :-)

  8. I saw those houses recently and thought, 'A million quid. No way!'

    I guess it's a case of location, location, location.

    Agree about Rising Sun; very good indeed.

  9. Happy "Terrible Twos" VP!!! We'll be joining you for our 2nd blogging anniversary at Poor Richard's Almanac in February 2010, and have already racked up over 800 posts, but that's because there are three of us posting (in addition to occasional guest posts from our cat Linus, dog Shiloh, and hero and blog mentor, Benjamin Franklin) and it seems that none of us can shut up! Two of us have also fled high-pressure jobs in favor of freelancing (fingers crossed for ongoing success), and we agree, enthusiasm is essential for enjoyment of life, work, or whatever you choose. We envy you your participation in the choir, since we love to sing, but "following our bliss" in this case would hardly provide bliss for anyone else, and we might in fact be killed by outraged choir members. Anyway, as James said, keep on keepign on! We love your blog and look forward to many more happy years' reading.

  10. Doesn't time fly when you are having fun ? Many congratulations on your second blogaversary VP and long may you continue blogging. Now that you are two you are entitled to be naughty now and again :)

  11. Happy Blogaversary - Long may your enthusiasm continue - it is such a delight. (And so is your blog)

  12. Happy blogaversary! Always a delight to see what wonderful topic you've been blogging on whenever I visit. Here's to many, many more :)

  13. Happy 2nd birthday!! Good luck with the next 800 posts

  14. Happy day! And many more to come...

  15. Happy Blogaversary! I've always enjoyed visiting, you manage to produce such an interesting diversity of posts. Keep'em coming!

    RO :o)

  16. Happy Blogaversary! Here's to many more - and lots of enthusiasm - whoopee!

  17. Hi everyone - thanks for all your good wishes for yesterday! They really helped to cheer up what was a low day for me :)

    Angie - I was in Corsham last nigh as that's where my choir is based. Corsahm was the first place we settled in when we came down to live here in the south-west, so it's where a lot of our friends are too. NAH often goes training at Calne pool because it's the best swimming pool in the district - I've swum my best times in that pool too :)

    CG - my job leaving's official anniversary is 2nd January. I had to give 2 month's notice of my intention to return, so 2nd November was decision day!

    Joy - on my way over :)

    Nutty Gnome - no regrets here either :)

    Gail - I think it's ironic how the view gets more expensive the further down the hill you go. It's spectacular on each level, but the one from the top's the most impressive!

    Frances - that's most kind, thank you :)

    Mark - I wonder how they feel about the barn conversion going on at the same site at the moment? I'm amazed planning permission was granted as that type of house is so different to the mainly thatched cottages in the area.

    OFB - I'll keep the date free for your party in February, right? ;)

    Anna - methinks your own blogaversary must be soon - must come on over and check...

    James, Karen, HM, Martyn, Colleen and RO - thank you :D

  18. Oops and thank you Phoenix C too!

    I did wonder about counting blog years in cat years, but we'd be well into teenagerdom by now ;)

  19. It's hard to think Veg Plotting is only two because it seems so established!

    A bit like you and singing. I'd thought you'd belonged to the choir for years and years.

    The view is, indeed, peaceful.

    I wish one could sit exams which scored for enthusiasm alone. On a good day I might be in with a chance for 100%. Other days . . . perhaps one might sometimes be given a high score for a negative number?

    Most of all . . . be proud of yourself. (And happy!)


  20. Happy Anniversary. We're only a couple of days off the second anniversary of moving to Cumbria - definitely an excuse for lots of giggling and childish behviour {smile}.

    I loved that episode of Grand Designs. Ever since OH has said "when we win the Lottery I'm having a Huf Haus". Guess I'd better buy him a ticket . . .

  21. Juliet - thank you for the card, I love the Hungry Caterpillar :)

    Lucy - that's very kind of you. NAH says I can use enthusiasm as a weapon, beating people into submission by the sheer force of it alone ;)

    Bilbowaggins - and what a lovely spot you have in Cumbria. I liked the Huf Haus episode too, but amongst thatched cottages and old farm barns they do look a bit out of place!

  22. Happy 2nd Blogaversary VP!! Sorry I missed this. Perhaps its time I added you to my sidebar now so I can see what terrible tantrums you get up to now :-D

  23. Shirl - thanks for your kind words and I see you've added the link over at yours as promised :)


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