GBBD: Steely Globes

As Autumn's arriving early this year, the garden's looking a bit more backend-ish than I'm used to for September, but I'm still really pleased with the way my Echinops have performed this year. They're just the ordinary cheap kind, but have filled out nicely in this their third season.

Their steely globes have added much interest to the single terrace bed for a few months now and I like the way they're currently helping to screen off the patio from the bottom of the garden instead of fulfilling their usual mission as a back of the border plant. With smaller gardens like mine it can be quite hard to do this adequately and I do like this as an alternative to using Verbena bonariensis.

The bees love these plants too, they haven't needed staking and I've only used 3 of them, so what's not to like?

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  1. They look fabulous. It's so nice to see you posting about your garden again.

  2. I like them!

    Like Victoria, I'm pleased to glimpse your garden.

  3. nice coverage for just three plants!

  4. Wow, I'm also amazed at how many blooms you have from three plants. They look wonderful; I love their shape and colour, and they echo the spires further along nicely - is that perovskia? They're on my garden wishlist, and your post makes me want them _now_ :-)

  5. They look excellent with the perovskia, great combination

  6. They're lovely. I have them too, the silver kind also. They look great at this time of year. Mine did need staking though, but that is probably due to border edges to the wall. They seek the sun, and tend to crowd out all the rest before them. Staked they look a treat though, am just as pleased to have them as it seems you are!

  7. With that kind of beauty, there is no need to add anything else...lovely! Happy GBBD!

  8. Beautiful, I'd never have thought of using them as a screen, will file that away for future reference. Happy GBBD. And I'm with Victoria, nice to see your garden.

  9. Wow...your Echinops are much fuller than mine...hope mine fill out that well in the next few years!

  10. Have you got any growing tips? I planted mine last year and id didn't do anything!

  11. Made somehow by the perovskia. More of the same colour, but different shape.

  12. Victoria, Esther and Janet - thank you. Life's been a bit topsy turvy this year, so there hasn't been much to report on the garden. However I do try and give you a glimpse for Muse Day and Blooms Day

    Petoskystone - they've bulked up nicely :)

    Sara - it is indeed Perovskia. As Elaine and Robert say later, they complement each other so well as do the Stachys and Eringium I have in this part of the garden

    Petra - perhaps it's the surrounding plants which help with the lack of staking. They do seem to hold each other up so well. Except for the Eryngium, which has flopped over as usual!

    The Sage Butterfly - :)

    Scottweberpdx - Welcome! This is their third year and they just get better and better :)

    Phoebe - mine didn't do much in their first year either - mainly leaves and much much else. I've often found things take 3 yrs to really get going in my garden. They're also planted in a hot, sunny part of the garden, which I think is key. I hope yours get going soon!

  13. Oh, I want some of those - bees as bonus! Where can I get them, and do they like semi shade?

  14. Mark - mine came from Homebase! They do prefer full sun (which is where mine are), but they'll do OK in partial shade as long as the sun gets on them for a good few hours of the day.


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