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Monday, 5 September 2011

Postcard From Dorset

8 go mad in Dorset, courtesy of A, our hostess for a fab variation on our regular GNO: A Girls' Weekend Away :)

A weekend of fun, laughter, walks, Italian food and much celebration of life (and one birthday). I'm sure King George III on his white steed at Osmington would approve.


  1. Glad you had a good time - reading all these holiday blogs makes me realise there are an awful lot of places that I have never been to - something that must be remedied.

  2. You were here?!

    There have been complaints that someone has put a unicorn's horn on the newly de-greened horse. Was it you?


  3. Elaine - it was good to get to see some of Dorset's other riches. We spend too much of our time stuck in Poole

    Esther - we were in Dorchester for the weekend, staying with my friend A who kicked out her husband and 2 sons for the weekend and replaced them with 7 women for a sleepover!

    My friend Y did the driving, otherwise I would have come the short distance down to see you as well


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