Emma Cooper's Write Club: Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner

I'm guest posting today on Emma Cooper's blog as part of this month's Write Club re some news about the horse chestnut leaf miner. Regular readers may recall I've posted about this pesky pest before in the shape of Chippenham's Double Whammy Chestnuts in 2009 and 2008's An End to Chippenham's Conkers?

Head on over to Emma to find out the latest about what's being done to discover the extent of the leaf miner's presence and how you can help to gather the information needed by the researchers at Bristol and Hull Universities.

And if you fancy a spot on Emma's blog, you still have a few days left to submit your guest post. Full details of what you need to do, plus some writing prompts if you're stuck for ideas can be found here. NB She has a fantastic prize on offer for the best guest post and even if you're not inspired to write one yourself, simply adding a comment over there puts you in line for her prize draw for a book from her ever groaning bookshelves :)


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