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Thursday, 1 November 2012

GBMD: Go Out of Doors

'Go out of doors on a dull November day and sniff the breeze. Brown leaves lie about you, the garden beds are almost bare, yet the air is full of strange perfumes, stimulating and full of vitality. The tang of bitter-sweet Chrysanthemums is there, the acrid fumes of wood smoke, the rich pungence of trodden Walnut leaves, and now and then, one catches a whiff of pure spring, perhaps caught by the breeze from the thready blossoms of the Witch Hazel.'

Louise Beebe Wilder - The Fragrant Path 1932 (via The Gardener's Perpetual Almanack)

I usually feel miserable in November. If I take the advice of today's Muse Day, perhaps things will seem much better :)


  1. November here is usually not too cold to enjoy outdoors. But when it rains, it is a COLD rain!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Lea's Menagerie
    Mississippi, USA

  2. Lovely thoughts, VP. November is usually not my favorite month, but it has begun here with a cold, but beautiful sunny day.

  3. Lea - the rain's cold here too!

    Rose - it's beautifully sunny here too, though rain is forecast for later. I've taken advantage of the sunshine this morning and gone for a walk through all the leaves :)

    Both - I hope everything is OK for you and yours, post Sandy. The pictures shown on the TV over here have been very dramatic.

  4. A most cheering muse VP and those red shoes are most uplifting too. Oh I know just what you mean about November - it's the pits of the year! Sunny here today but a real nip in the air.

  5. Hi Anna - I DID have a very gloomy Muse Day poem lined up at first, but didn't have a suitably gloomy picture to go with it. Besides I AM very pleased with those red shoes :)

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  7. Andrew - welcome! Thanks for your comment. Good luck with what you're trying to do and I've signed up. NB there's quite a few sites like yours already...

  8. Ronnie@hurtledto604 November 2012 at 11:34

    Love the red shoes. That's a positive muse for autumn there are so many depressing ones around. Autumn is a lovely season.

  9. Ronnie - I love the shoes too. Deliberately chosen to brighten up Autumn!


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