A Jewel Garden

Brightly coloured guerrilla planted tulips on a grass verge in Chippenham

Someone's worked hard to make Chippenham a better place. These tulips are a few minutes walk from our house and they're exactly what springs to my mind whenever a jewel garden is mentioned.

These verges are by Chippenham's double mini roundabout which often gets clogged up with traffic. For once a traffic jam is a pleasant place to be.

Judging by the reactions on my Facebook page, the planting's brought plenty of smiles to others in Chippenham. It was probably done by one of the residents in the cottages nearby, but I don't wish to know exactly whodunnit.

That would spoil the magic.

Dog walkers amongst the tulip verges in Chippenham

Update: our local newspaper solved the whodunnit. It's a Brazilian lady who got up early each morning to plant the bulbs she purchased. She's due to leave Chippenham soon, but leaves us with a beautiful legacy. The article implies she had permission from the council to do this, I wonder if we could have an 'Adopt a Verge' scheme to get this spreading through the town?


  1. Lovely. It makes me so happy to see little places where people have made an effort to plant pretty things.

  2. And me too! They are lovely.

    Did you take the photos out of the car window as you went past? I often want to, when I see roundabouts with nice planting, but R has always gone zooming round and up the road before I have time to get my camera out ...

    1. I was itching to Juliet, but for once I didn't have my camera with me. Luckily it's a short walk, so I popped out again as soon as I got home :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Indeed - this is one of my passions

  4. Fantastic that someone has thought to brighten everyone's day.


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