Guerrilla Gardening

I was surprised to find whilst watching Gardeners' World earlier this year, that I've been practising Guerrilla Gardening for a number of years. You can see my highly dangerous equipment in the picture.

My local garden centre usually gives away a free bag of daffodils each year and although my garden is stuffed to the gills with them, I just cannot resist such an offer. As a result, I've extended my planting onto the public land next to the house. This little lot went under some trees today and I'm looking forward to them brightening up my walk back home from town next spring.


  1. Glad to spot another guerrilla gardener, and it the countryside too - you are a rarer variety than us urban guerrilla gardeners. You are very welcome to keep me, or the forum ( posted with your progress.

  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the comment and encouragement! I think I might be an even rarer species than you first thought as most of my guerilla gardening activities have been in the daytime. I suppose it's easier for the rural species to go unnoticed than you guys in urbanland. I'll certainly keep you posted and keep up the good work.


  3. Thats great - both the free range daffs and the link to the london planters. I too will be planting bulbs this autumn.

  4. Hi Polythene Pam - welcome! I hope some of your bulbs are freebies too...


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