It's been reported in the news lately that scientists have genetically engineered a new strain of mice - they can run for up to 5 hours at a time (where to? the lab can't be that big) and live twice as long as "normal" mice.

Hmmm, I smell a rat...


  1. My Woody and Ike were not included in the study! Those mice would not have lived nearly that long. My cat's can run faster and longer than any mouse! Watch out Stuart Little!

  2. Our 2 cats are the same - we're getting a "present" from them several times a week at the moment. Luckily we can intercept most of them and release them back into the wild, some distance away from the house.

    Mind you, I think we must have a special strain of unintelligent mice around here. One mouse during the summer took up residence in our kitchen, where it had found a nice snuggly hole under one of our cupboards. Unfortunately for it, this was right by the cats' feeding station, so they spent hours staking out their new fast food outlet!


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