Hello Boys!

In case you're worried that this site is getting a teensy bit girly, I'd thought I'd put some hot gadget action into the mix.

This is a Terrex Autospade. It really does take the backache out of autumn digging and was devised by a guy who lost a leg during World War II who wanted to continue to tend his garden.

I'm well ahead this year on my plot preparation as this spade lets me do 3x more than when I use my usual border spade. That plus no aching limbs requiring a hot bath and a quick rub down with Deep Heat later - sorted!

They're no longer available as new, but you can pick one up from eBay fairly easily. That's how I got mine last year, and the proceeds went to charity - yippee! You need to be careful though as prices can vary wildly. Or you could get lucky like Fred, my allotment pal and find one locally for just a fiver - hrumph.

There, all dug over - that's better. Now Mr Jack Frost - get working on those lumps of clay for me please.

News hot off the press! They're back in production, so you needn't be disappointed if your bidding fails. Checkout Fred's shed for details - no relation to Fred from up the allotment though.


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