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Sunday, 4 November 2007


I've just done a quite scary thing. I contacted the leader of a choir in Corsham this afternoon to ask if I can join in tomorrow night - luckily that's the night they practise. I haven't sung in a choir for years and only have a really good sing at the moment when NAH's out somewhere for quite a long time. I've been thinking about doing something a bit more structured for a while and learnt about Voxbox via the Pound Arts Centre's latest leaflet. It's an informal fun group - no soloists, no auditions and no need to be able to read music. As I can't do the latter this'll suit me right down to the ground. I was a bit worried that I'd be starting after everyone else, but they've just finished a concert and are starting on Christmas carols tomorrow, so it sounds like it'll be the perfect time to start.

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  1. I am now a member of the "Subversive Sopranos"! I had a great time and felt very welcome. We started with some warm up exercises, similar to the start of Yoga classes, but with a little voice work thrown in for good measure. Then it was onto the singing proper in preparation for a concert on 17th December. We'll be linking with several other "fun" choirs in the area to sing a variety of carols, plus we get our own solo spot to sing "Under the Boardwark". For this I will be taking the High Backing part, so will be performing lots of ooohs and sha lallas!


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