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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

ABC Wednesday - O is for...


As well as the show gardens I've been featuring this week, the RHS Show in Cardiff had 2 marquees filled with specialist nurseries exhibiting their wares. The David Stead orchid display was a masterclass in displaying choice specimen plants to their best advantage and deservedly won gold.

Noodle your way over to Mrs Nesbitt's place for other choice ABC photographs.


  1. "O" is also for oxalis which I have in abundance. You are welcome to visit.

  2. i have had to use Mr Linky this week. Make sure you sign in.


  3. I love orchids, VP, but I don't grow them. Tey look too difficult. But I like to go to shows to see the many varieties, so thanks for letting me tag along. ;-)

  4. Quite a few orchids i've seen today.

  5. Hi I did orchids too! I love going to look at the stands at garden exhibitions. It's just a shame thay don't smell! Can't have it all I suppose!!

  6. Oh I would love to have seen them!

  7. Beautiful flowers.
    Lovely colours! :)


  8. The RHS show must have been wonderful to attend. The orchids would have been great to see.

    While reading your May Day post and thinking about the songs you learned, Walpurgis Night popped to mind. I haven't thought of that for years ... I remember being fascinated as a teenager by this.

  9. A Softer Side - welcome! I'll be right on over...

    Mrs Nesbitt - done!

    Dirty Knees - no problem!

    Judy, Ida & Petunia - thanks.

    Liz - I'm not surprised. I found O quite hard...

    Suburbia - quite so!

    Starnitesky - perhaps you will at a flower show near you?

    Kate - is was a great show - I went twice! I like finding out about our 'traditional' festivals too


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