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Friday, 4 June 2010

Honest Scrap Award

Tim kindly tagged me aaaaaages ago with this Honest Scrap award which I've been ages in responding to (sorry Tim). I'm supposed to tell you ten things you don't know about me and tag a few of you, but seeing as I'll be away for a few days, I thought I'd mess around with the format a bit and have a little fun. No-one's going to be tagged - so you can come back, it's safe to continue reading - and there are 10 gardening (ish) things listed below which you probably don't know about me. Here's the twist, 3 of them aren't true. Can you guess which ones they are? Leave your answers in the comments and I'll tell you when I get back...

I've been to a reception at Highgrove followed by a guided tour of the gardens with Prince Charles

I have a piece of Welsh hillside named after me - planted with 1,000 trees

My ultimate horticultural ambition is to have enough land for a proper orchard

I have a plant named after me - a rather lovely Clematis

I've appeared on Gardeners' World alongside Carol Klein, Joe Swift and Rachel de Thame

The garden I'd love to visit above all others is The Alhambra in Spain

When I was little the garden feature I wanted most was a bouncy castle

I've been invited onto a Chelsea show garden for a chat with the designer

I've had a 10 minute chat with Prince Charles about controlling slugs

I have a degree in Horticulture from Newcastle University

That's it - see you when I get back. ABC Wednesday will be here as usual with something I'm hoping I won't be using on holiday!


  1. The Clematis turned out to be a preview of a named variety.

  2. If the Prince Charles stuff is true, I seem to remember you saying something about the slug conversation, or maybe dreamt it, hard to remember, then it must be the degree, the Gardener's World and Welsh hillside? What a fun twist on this meme, VP! :-)

  3. I am terrible at this stuff~I so want to believe that you and PC toured a garden while discussing slugs and I am smiling imaging you as a small child wishing you had a bouncy castle...So I'll go with the clemmie, the Spanish garden~it seems so very formal and the hillside of trees! gail

  4. Tee hee - this is such fun. Keep guessing everyone :)

  5. Clematis
    Bouncy castle
    Hort. degree

    Bouncy castles weren't invented until the 70s/80s (possibly a lie as well!)

  6. Ooh, this is difficult. Hazarding a guess here:

    How about: Welsh hilside; orchard and slugs. 5 minutes perhaps, but I don't believe anyone except a certified slug scientist could waffle on about the blighters for ten whole minutes.

    Have an excellent time. x

  7. Clematis because you've just told us it was called something else.
    Horticultural degree because I'm fairly sure your degree is in a different field (though of course you could have two).
    No idea about the third - not the Alhambra because I've checked on Blotanical (though of course you could have altered it there just to fool anyone who did) but it could be nearly any of the others - I'll go for the Welsh hillside.

  8. Bouncy castle

    Hort degree (wasn't it in biology/enviro something or other?)

    And, let's see...I'm going with clematis for Door Number Three.

  9. Love the twist VP! Hate having to guess though...
    Umm let's see GW, Bouncy Castle, Clematis. Ok so how did I do??? Come on own up!!

  10. Well, I'll go for

    bouncy castle,



    What a nice twist , VP!

    Looking forward for your new posts and can't wait for the answers.
    Please let us know the answers as quickly as possible.

  11. Mmmmmmm - what a poser - methinks the Welsh hillside planting, the clematis and as a fellow Newcastle student, I recall that you did study there too but your subject was not horticulture :) Hope that you are enjoying your holiday.

  12. Thanks for all your guesses what a lot of fun. The results post is now in, but in summary the 3 lies are the Clematis, Bouncy Castle and my degree.


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