ABC of Weather: Thermometer

Last Christmas I was given this thermometer so that I could start recording our daily minimum and maximum temperatures in addition to the precipitation I've been logging for just over a year now. However, I'm rather disappointed with this model as it's quite difficult to reset, so I don't really trust the readings I'm obtaining. A mercury thermometer would be better but they're no longer on sale because of their toxic contents (and an incident at a local school recently resulted in four fire engines being rushed to the school to deal with the matter - a bit over the top in my view, especially as the teachers had already calmly evacuated the pupils out of the area).

I don't really want to invest in something more complicated (and therefore expensive) at the moment because I'm unsure of how dedicated I'll be with my record keeping. I've heard that the simple dial max/min thermometers are better than what I've got currently, does anyone out there have any experience of these or other advice for me?

How's the weather with you today? Here it's warm and sunny after yesterday's rain.

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  1. hot and rany - mixed - in general much too much rain. I had to rescue lettuce from the container that doesn't have holes on the bottom,

  2. I keep 2, wireless, indoor/outdoor thermometers at my house which electronically track Min/Max. It is so much more convenient than your traditional thermometer and also provides additional info on humidity.

    If you really wanted to go crazy, you get get one of those expensive, Internet connected weather stations that would track all of this for you. (SMILE) I would love one of those but I am a total tech geek.

    I use mine for weather tracking and also to know when I should open/close the windows in the house to keep it cool over the summer.


  3. We have a cheap nasty mercury Max and Minnie. The two don't quite agree. But as I am recording the trend over the year, I tell myself it all balances out.

  4. Yeah- I agree with Douglas. My cheapo walmart thermometer said it got to about 75F here- but I hear CA is in for some hot weather

  5. Love your dedication to the weather. But I have no cheap suggestion.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. BTW, I took the liberty of putting you on the ABC Wednesday links.


    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. I didn't know you couldn't buy mercury thermometers any more! I still have an old medical one.

    OH has a digital weather station which tells him more than even he needs to know about the weather!

    On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week! :)

  8. I also have a wireless thermometer and love it. It is great to be able to see the min temperature at the click of a button. I do wish I recorded the max/min over the 2/3 years I have had it but ... One day I will start! I was lucky and had mine as a present but I would replace it if it went wrong, I think they are worth the money.

    Best wishes Sylvia

  9. Hi everyone - thanks for your weather updates. It's still warnm and sunny here :)

    Douglas and K - welcome! I secretly covet one of those geeky weather stations too, but I wanted to see how good I am at recording the weather before investing in one!

    EE - if only we could get one like that here!

    Roger - thanks for updating the linky for me. Not many weeks left of weather reports...

    Jay - I suspect I might crumble and buy one - maybe NAH could get me one for Christmas...

    Sylvia - oooh which one have you got?

  10. 108 F in LBB yesterday--which is why I'm glad I'm in Maine thisweek instead.

  11. Susan - phew what a scorcher! You must be feeling nice and cool in Buffalo now in comparison!


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