Whilst I was at Chelsea...

My Clematis obelisks finally burst into flower in my back garden to welcome me home. Here we have C. 'Souvenir de Capitaine Thuilleaux' and a rather nice sport of C. 'Josephine' (the one with the rather frilly centre), which I don't think is available elsewhere.

And my mystery Clematis finally has a name. Sadly not C. 'VP' as we've joked about previously, but C. 'Diamantina' as launched by the lovely Mr. Evison at Chelsea this year. It's a sport of C. 'Crystal Fountain' which was spotted in his Guernsey nursery in 2002 and has been developed and trialled since then. It looks like I must have obtained an escapee when I bought it from my local garden centre in 2007.

It's a fantastic plant: it'll be in flower prolifically from now until the first frosts and people say wow what's that Clematis? when they come into the garden. I'll be able to tell them from now on.


  1. Glad that the mystery clematis has a name at long last and it certainly suits her.

  2. The only time I had the chance to chat with the lovely Mr. Evison, he was installing a huge clematis display for Canada Blooms... and the question I asked him was not about clematis (wasn't till I'd asked that I realized who he was). After that gaffe, I was too embarrassed to talk to him further. Silly me.

    You have two very lovely clematiseses, whatever their names be.

  3. how lovely & dramatic for an early summer garden. clematis blooms paving the way for the later entrance of dahlias :)

  4. Anna - in a way I'm sad - I'm going to have to learn to share!

    Helen - I've spoken to him several times - the mystery Clematis question was the first time. He's a true gentleman.

    Hermes - thank you :)

    Petoskystone - now that's quite a coincidence - I was planting Dahlias at the time you left your comment!


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