GBMD: John Helps a wer an honest mon

John Helps a wer an honest mon;
The perry that a made
Wer crunced vrom purs as honest
As ever tree displayed.

John Helps a wer an honest mon;
The dumplings that a chewed
Wer made vrom honest apples
As Autumn ever growed

John Helps a wer an honest mon;
And I be sorry a's dead.
Perry and honest men be scarce
These days 'tiz zed.

F. W. Harvey (1888-1957)

Perry continues to be scarce, but hopefully perry pear days like the wonderful one I and My Tiny Plot attended recently at Dyrham Park will help to turn the tide. I'm not quite sure how we might cure the lack of honest men though.

The picture is of a perry pear windfall I found in Nichol's Orchard, the relatively new orchard at Dyrham Park.

Garden Bloggers' Muse Day is hosted by Carolyn Choi at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago.


  1. The pear looks delicious, VP! Your poem is quite timely, too--here in the States we have Election Day tomorrow, and I'm seeing a scarcity of "honest men" to vote for. Happy Muse Day!

  2. There was a question about pears on Gardeners Question Time yesterday - turned out to be a perry pear and as no-one liked the taste of them the team recommended getting rid of the tree - sacrilege!

  3. Rose - I was thinking of you this morning, so it's good to see you! We're seeing quite a bit of US election coverage - I'm intrigued by the Tea Party!

    NG - that's just it - perry pears taste awful which is why they're used for perry :)


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