Autumn at The Holburne Museum Garden

At the weekend I returned to the Holburne Museum in Bath, the place where I'd previously walked in the footsteps of Jane Austen.

I'd gone with friends to view Mark Edwards' landscape photography exhibition (recommended). As usual our visit ended in the cafe, where it was warm enough to sit outside for a couple of hours in the museum's garden.

As soon as we'd sat down, I was back on my feet again, pointing out the above scene. The way the late afternoon light was playing on the tree was a picture in itself. I was so excited, I exclaimed rather loudly. So everyone turned round to look.

Then a rather wonderful thing happened. Instead of everyone hunkering down at their tables staring into their coffee, they all smiled and started talking to their neighbours. People started pointing out other little vignettes over Bath they could see. They actually started interacting with each other and the garden.

It was absolutely magical.

NB for the past couple of years I've participated in Dave's Fall Colour Project. This year, it has its own blog, so do take the link to see how everyone else's autumn is looking :)


  1. Love the Holburne and what a great picture you took.

  2. Thanks Hermes - I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time :)

  3. Beautiful shot! Is that a gingko tree? They always seem to have the most spectacular moments in fall. Thanks for joining in the Fall Color Project again this year!

  4. Hi Dave - my pleasure and yes, your ID is correct :)

  5. I'm glad I went to the museum earlier this year, on your recommendation of course! The garden might even be at its best in autumn. Must go back sometime, if only to see the Gainsborough's

  6. Petoskystone and Elaine - isn't it!

    Mark - the photography exhibition is designed to complement the Gainsborough's. Well worth a look.


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