Felco Pruning Saw: Product Review

Before going to the Seattle Fling I'd heard they were giving away door prizes, but had no idea what that actually meant. It turns out they're items given out at some point in each activity on the Fling's timetable, usually over lunch or when everyone is gathered together for a good natter.

Quite often they were prizes in fun quizzes such as naming flowers in our host's garden or knowing a little something about Washington, such as its State flower*. When Lorene asked the question who's staying the longest in Seattle?, I was surprised to find it was me and even more surprised to find myself the owner of the pictured Felco pruning saw + spare blade, courtesy of David Fishman who'd generously donated it.

I was delighted, but soon began to worry I might not be able to get it home. Having been stopped at customs in Australia in 2003 with a metal kookaburra** in my hand luggage - you might get air rage and attack your neighbour with it madam*** - I had visions of being marched off as a potential terrorist like the shoe bomber or something. Luckily, packing it at the bottom of my suitcase proved to be the perfect solution to the problem.

It was the most timely of prizes to win as I've had to do plenty of cutting back of various trees both on the allotment and in the garden this autumn. I would usually have used my folding pruning saw, but it soon proved it wasn't up to the much bigger tasks I had for it this time. So out came my lovely shiny new Felco saw and it's finished the job with perfect ease. As you can see it's not the folding type, but instead comes with a tough protective holster which can be attached to a belt. I'm pleased no small boys saw me up at the allotment with it - I expect they would have mistaken it for a sword and challenged me to a duel ;)

* = Pacific Rhododendron aka Rhododendron macrophyllum
** = not quite as pictured colour or design wise, but close enough to give you an idea of the dastardly weapon I was carrying
*** = thankfully they saw sense and let me keep it. I slept most of the way home, so didn't have time for any air rage ;)


  1. My immediate thought was to wonder how you get it home. Then I wasn't sure I was pleased you did - what did that say about security? But then you say they saw sense and let you keep it. Now I'm a little confused and a little alarmed - though pleased you have such a useful and attractive tool.

  2. Esther - by putting it in my suitcase, the saw went into the hold. The same happens with things like penknives - I've had to take my swiss army knife that's permanently in my rucksack and put it in my suitcase. I don't know how well suitcases get scanned these days.

    The seeing sense and keeping it bit relates to the ornamental kookaburra which nearly didn't make it home from Oz. I wasn't stopped re the saw because it wasn't in my hand luggage.

  3. Looks like a great pruning saw. I was so glad to see you in Seattle. xxoogail

  4. The pruning saw found its rightful owner! It was a true treat to meet you last summer and I've loved reading about your visits to all the gorgeous corners of our state. The wind is raging and the rain is drenching...must be November! Cheers, Lorene

  5. Great bit of kit VP but I agree it might have caused a few raised eyebrows in your hand luggage.

  6. Gail - it was so great to see you again. I still miss you! xxx

    Lorene - it was fate wasn't it? One garden blogger with a massive pruning job, meets handy Felco pruning saw... ;)

    Chris - I was really worried. I've also been stopped for having a gun in my hand luggage, only for them to find it was actually a banana!


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