Wordless Wednesday: Spot the Real Plant


  1. Esther - so did I at the time!

    Lea - thank you :)

    BTW on Sunday there was a programme on BBC4 about Weeds (a repeat I think). Buddleia was cited as one of the v worst weeds. It costs our rail network £millions to keep it vaguely under control owing to its ability to root in the tiniest of cracks and production of many thousands of seeds per plant.

  2. Buddleja is such a tenacious plant - the John Lewis Nurseries over at Longstock hold the national collection and also breed them - they have some amazing colours.

    The plant in your picture helps to give scale to the mural - great way to brighten up dull buildings

  3. I remember being so surprised at buddleia growing in eaves troughs and cracks in walls in the UK. In eastern Canada, it often dies to the ground each winter, and any seedlings rarely survive. On the west coast, though, I understand it has become a similar pest, bullying in where it isn't wanted.

  4. Buddleias can be such a menace! Great shot.

  5. Zoe - they grow out of such tiny cracks don't they? The picture's from Bristol. They had an international graffiti art festival back in the simmer and the results are amazing.

    Helen - it dies back here in the winter too and springs back with a vengeance next season. 'Bullying' is a good word. Despite its attractiveness to butterflies, it's not a plant I like particularly.

    Janet - thanks :)


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