How Advertising Works in Chippenham #28

  1. Form a company tapping into the increasingly lucrative accident compensation market
  2. Recruit a number of sales people to bring in the business you need
  3. Provide them with a mobile advertising unit just right for temporary high street installation
  4. Wait for a blogger with a camera to spot it has an in-built trip hazard
  5. Et voila!
Note that the usual blogger with a camera can be seen further down the street on the right. My thanks to NAH for spotting the possibilities and taking the photograph :)


  1. There's an advert on the television where a man advertising such claims walks down the street and, everywhere he goes, people tip up barrows . . . throw themselves off ladders . . . generally attempt self-destruction by whatever means are immediately at hand. In a minute, your man will break into song with a jingle which will say
    'Trip yourself up here for free - 100% free'.

    P.S. There's another advert where a family happily packs to go on holiday gratis the life insurance of a recently demised grandparent.

  2. I love this series of Chippenham advertising - it's a wonder there's an economy at all! I particularly love the sports shop in emery gate that seems to have been closing down since I moved here ten years ago.

  3. Esther - I'm sure he would break into song if there was anyone there to hear him :)

    I've just been looking at the photo again and his poster says 'Talk to a lawyer NOW!' I'm sure that man isn't a lawyer...

    Projectforty - I'm constantly amazed at how much material Chippenham gives me to work with. I thought it wouldn't get past #3 ;)

    Have you spotted that the sports shop really is closing down? Then opening again one door down. Perhaps that should be #29 if they haven't done so already!

  4. Oooops! Could be a deliberate ploy to create on the spot business :)

  5. It does make you wonder whatever happened to people taking responsibility for their own actions. Even 20 years ago suing because of an accident at work would have been pretty much unthinkable but now weveryone is out for what they can get

  6. While I love this post, and your snarky sense of humour, I do despair at the excess of greed that is promulgating by businesses such as this one.

  7. That would be so funny if he tripped.

    I agree with previous commenter - whilst everyone should access to justice, there is something unsavoury in the way these companies have become little more than opportunistic compensation hunters

  8. Looks like a thoroughly chilled salesman.

  9. I love the tatty bungee type cord stuff they have put between the side posts to try to stop people tripping over the cords on the ground. This way you get tipped over at the waist and land on your head. A much bigger claim!!

  10. Anna - that's exactly what NAH and I thought!

    Gardening - sad but true :(

    Jodi - I think that's why I didn't think of it as a possible post at first. I hate the whole concept, so was ignoring it. Thank goodness NAH was there to spot the lighter side of things.

    Mark - I bet he has!

    Petoskystone - judging by the number of people around when we were there, I suspect it was the end of a very long and unfruitful day for him.

    Dobby - genius!


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