How Advertising Works in Chippenham #26

  1. Set up your dental practice
  2. Decide to raise awareness of a particular health initiative
  3. Create a simple poster for your window
  4. Wait for a blogger with a camera to notice the second poster is definitely needed after displaying the first one
  5. Et Voila!
Joking aside, please do get checked out.

Whilst we're on the subject of adverts, you may have noticed a new bit of blog bling at the top of the right hand sidebar. My thanks to whoever nominated me for The Horticultural Channel's inaugural awards. I'm really chuffed, amongst some very fine company and I wish the best of luck to my fellow nominees. You can go along and vote here - there's lots of your other gardening favourites nominated in the other categories too :)


  1. Hi VP - this did make me chuckle!
    Thanks for the mention on your post about Francis Rose's Wildflower Key ...said book is now firmly on my Christmas list.
    I also took your advice and sent the Bloomsbury Marketing Exec the link to my Sarah Raven post and suggested that she read all the comments! Guess what? - she's kindly offered to send me a copy of the book so that I can see for myself "what a wonderful book it actually is"!!! Result!
    Thank you so much for that sage advice :)

  2. You must be the most popular resident in Chippenham; providing such timely PR services. Very amusing, though message is clear!

  3. Hearty congratulations on your blinginess! That's an impressive roster of names you're part of.

  4. We must go to the same dentist!

    You didn't by any chance take the photo at 'two-thirty' (say that fast) did you. ha ha - old jokes always the best.

  5. NG - Result!

    Petra - ahhhh, but most of them aren't aware of VP ;)

    Helen - thank you :)

    Mark - no, I go to a dentist in Corsham! I took the picture the first time I came to see you last year and was waaaaaay too early. I've been saving it up for nearly a whole year.


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