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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Don't Fence Me In


  1. I can hear that tree scream from here !

  2. Oh my! Fences don't make good trees!

  3. Hi everyone, I'm more intrigued by how one of the branches has its own hole in the fence to poke through. It does look rather magnificent overall, though perhaps the owners didn't realise how big it was going to grow when they planted - a problem in waiting they've set up for the current house owners.

  4. From Zoe who emails:

    Minute I saw the photo it took me straight back to Highgrove and the bonkers hobbit house HRH has on the lawn in front of the house. Why do people do these things to trees?

    The neighbour would be within their rights to saw the branch off!

    Zoe - it hangs over a public footpath, so there's no neighbours. From a distance, which is how most people see it, it's a rather magnificent tree. It's only when you get closer, that you see there's a bit of a problem. I suspect the people who planted it decades ago didn't know there'd be a problem and the current owners are probably in a bit of a dilemma re what to do for the best.


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