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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Silent Saturday :)


  1. Beangenie - it is brrrrr! I think my snowed up watering can's rather cute though ;)

    And I love how snow hushes everything and alters the light's quality. You know it's there before you pull back the curtains :)

  2. A day to sit with a hot drink and a gardening book!
    Dream and plan!
    Lea's Menagerie

  3. it looks like my garden except we only have a few inches here now

  4. Ssshh - I struggled to find my watering can which I needed to water the greenhouse!!

  5. Found my watering can today. It is totally solid! Being plastic it will probably crack when it eventually thaws out.
    Lovely photo. Keep warm.

  6. Hah! I have a similar photo of my wheelbarrow swathed in snow. I do love the way snow creates "cushions" on all surfaces.

  7. Lea - I have 2 on the go at the moment :)

    Donna - we have more to come this week apparently.

    Kbower - welcome and thanks :)

    PG - I can lend you one ;)

    Dobby - they're usually quite resilient, so fingers crossed for you x

    Janet - 'cushions' is a very good term :)


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