VPGGB: Sarah Raven Discount Coupon

It's time for leafing through gardening catalogues, dreaming of how the garden or plot will look this year, and then placing orders for lots of seeds, bulbs and plants.

So I'm pleased to announce Sarah Raven is offering Veg Plotting readers a 10% discount off the spanking new catalogue from now until the end of January :)

Go to the website, place your order and then add the magic VP10JAN code to the Apply Coupon area shown on your Shopping Basket's page. You'll find this below your selection of goodies, to the left of the Proceed to Checkout button.

NB This offer is only available for online orders.

VPGGB = VP's Guide to Gardening Bargains :)

Update 18th Jan - it seems code isn't working. I've reported it and will let you know when it's fixed. Update - it's fixed - in less than 15 mins :)


  1. Only in the UK apparently and sadly. I am a big fan of Sarah Raven, especially her cooking style and garden growing enthusiasm.

    Started my pea sprouts a few days ago VP. Excited!!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I was going to buy seeds from her anyway this month, she's got some very nice sunflowers I saw advertised last year in a magazine.

  3. Oh most timely. Do not require much in the way of seeds this year but am tempted by a few items in Sarah's catalogue. Thanks VP and Sarah.

  4. Ah, how I miss doing our seed order for the allotment this year,. And as luck has it, I have already ordered seeds from Sarah! Ah well, perhaps I shall be tempted to buy a few more using your discount offer..
    I hope all is well in the Wiltshire wilds.

  5. Most timely indeed - but sadly it doesn't work! I get a message saying that this code is not valid!

    1. Hi Sigrid - it's now fixed hope you see this in time for your order.

      Thanks for letting me know :)

  6. sigrid - thanks for letting me know. I've reported it.

    Gardeningbren - didn't know she was popular in Canada!

    Helene, Anna and threadspider - I hope you can use it. Threadspider - I missed doing our seed order too!


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