Wordless Wednesday: Peek-a-boo


  1. Lovely photo, Ivy berries? or perhaps a fatsia?

    Gaz Alternative Eden

  2. Hi Gaz - thanks - they are similar aren't they? It's ivy :)

    1. Yes very similar, quite a few of the various relatives are also very similar too

  3. The plant looks quite cosy in a chilly sort of way :-)

  4. EG - I think snow's meant to be quite a good insulator if memory serves me correctly. I'm hoping it's the case for my salads!

  5. Oh your ivy is toying with you peeking out like that.
    I think snow is a good insultator its the damp in winter thats the problem so if we have lots of rain and low temperatures you are more likely to loose your salads

  6. Now you see me, now you don't - snow adds a most exciting dimension to plants - looks like a creature that you might come across in 'Dr Who' :)

  7. PG - it certainly is ;) The salads are mostly under cloches and cold frames so they should be OK.

    Anna - it certainly does. I'm also most taken with the snow 'hats' my Echinops seed heads are sporting at the moment :)

  8. That's the peek all my plants are giving me these days.

  9. Commonweeder - we're in the thaw now, so mine are coming out of hiding ;)

  10. Peekaboo to you - must catch up spoon. Hope all is well

  11. TBS - it's exciting times - catching up sounds good :)


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