Wordless Wednesday: Tenacity Required


  1. After chatting on Twitter to @Powersflowers, who also loves 'Roof and Wall opportunists' (as she calls them), I feel the need for a photoblog series coming on...

  2. Hi,

    I've just read your comment on the Sea of Immeasurably Gravy blog and thought you might be interested in a small piece of advice. For the longest time, one of our cats had a pee problem, and we were at our wits' end until a vet suggested washing the spots where he'd pee with vinegar as it disguises the smell. And it really seems to have worked. And tenacity is really needed dealing with these problems.

    Lovely photo and "squatters" :-)


  3. What a beautiful photo. Such natural tenacity!

    1. Just realised that you're article title specifically features the word "tenacity" as well. Woops! Perhaps I could've thought of a more original word! How about determination? Haha

  4. Utterly beautiful image! Tenacious tendency works for me. Please can I share?

  5. Just had a thought about the cat problem. The main thing to do is to break the habit a.s.a.p. you could try feeding the cat in that area so it breaks the association.. They don't generally pee where they eat. As Helle says vinegar might kill smell but don't use bleach (you probably already knew that) or we use 'Urine Off' which kills smell. Good luck..

  6. We have a roof as such. It starts with just a simple spore and now years later it has a lovely crop of ferns covering most of it. A green roof...naturally created. I love it! Thanks for sharing. I, for one could do with a dose more tenacity!

  7. Love this...amazing how things can grow in any conditions!

  8. Such a cute and beautiful pic!! Loved this! Tremendous work with this blog,,This is really a fascinating blog.

  9. Thanks for your kind comments everyone :)

    A special thanks goes to Helle and Arabella for coming over with their cat tips - fingers crossed we've cured the problem, but I'll bear your ideas in mind if Jess starts all over again.


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