An Unexpected Visitor

Christmas is usually a time when unexpected, random things happen. Our share for this year occurred at 3.15pm yesterday afternoon when one of ash trees on the public land next door decided to hop over the fence for a visit.

Ironically, it was probably the last huge gust of yesterday's storm which brought it down. I heard a loud crack and then saw what at first looked like part of the roof falling past our bedroom window. It turned out to be the top of the tree brushing against the house on its way down. We were very lucky as there's only minor damage - just a small branch stuck in the gutter, plus my apple tree in the pot next to the house is no more.

The council's website says they'll respond to this within 5 working days. In view of the strength of yesterday's storm I suspect we'll be quite a way down their list of priorities, so I'm contemplating decorating it for Christmas ;)

Update 30th December: After a slight hiccup (the council initially said it wasn't their problem and closed the incident), a local contractor removed the tree from our garden this morning.

I'm pleased to say they've left all of the wood on the public land to help wildlife, so well done D W Oliver Tree Services Ltd!


  1. You could decorate it, or you could nip out there with a chainsaw and do the council's work for them and incidentally end up with lots of useful logs (ash burns beautifully...) - just saying...

    1. Oh to have a wood burning stove Kate! I'm nipping out to salvage as much as possible as wigwam sticks etc for the allotment...

  2. Crumbs, a narrow miss. Glad it didn't provide you with a through-the-window-or-roof indoor tree to decorate too! I'd second Kate's suggestion if you had a wood burner!

  3. And what was you doing in your bedroom at 3.15 in the afternoon? On second thoughts, don't answer that!
    What a lucky escape. If you chop the wood up, you could bring it over next time you visit. Kate, Karen & I could share it;-)

    Hope any other visitors are more welcome. Have a good Christmas.

  4. Oh I would definitely decorate sad for the tree and your tree...

  5. All is not lost VP as in the words of the poem :
    "But ash-wood wet and ash-wood dry
    A King may warm his slippers by."
    Glad that house and occupants are all ok. Merry Christmas!

  6. It certainly was a good storm. Hope they don't take too long to get round to you. Merry Xmas!

  7. Eek! Glad there wasn't too much damage and that you're okay. I hope you have a lovely Christmas. CJ xx

  8. Glad you didn't have greater damage.
    Merry Christmas!

  9. That's a visitor I'm sure you could have done without! Merry Christmas. Flighty xx

  10. Something to remember Christmas 2013 by! Very best wishes for the rest of the holiday.

  11. Hope all is oaky now - see you in the New Year

  12. Crikey - just seen this! A lucky escape. At least it's a good excuse to buy another apple tree, though you won't have any fruit off it for a little while.
    Happy new year to you both.

  13. Flippin 'ec! So if I had a wobbly tree but made sure it fell into a neighbour's garden I could get away with not doing anything about it? Hope you don't now get charged with fly-tipping trees.

  14. Thanks for your good wishes everyone.

    Esther - the tree came from the council's land, so they were obliged to do something about it.


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