A year in cats

Calendar front cover: Skipper and Spot are obsessed with baths

This week we said our final goodbyes to NAH's aunt, who passed away peacefully in early December at the grand age of 94. With her passing we no longer have any distance caring responsibilities, plus the elder Chapman baton has passed to NAH and and his elder brother.

Cat calendar January to March

I'm finding it quite hard to adjust to these circumstances, as part of what's made me who I am the past 13 years or so is no longer there. In the meantime, I've spent quite a lot of time over the past few weeks thinking about the good times with my aunt-in-law, who was a lot of fun and the source of many of our good times.

Cat calendar April to June

Part of her lasting legacy is the family's love of cats and the annual cat calendar. For many years a December delight was the Whiskas one plopping onto our doormat; she'd saved many a label from her cat's favourite tinned food to provide this regular event. Whiskas stopped doing their calendar around 10 years ago, and we took on the mantle of providing one, firstly with photos of Skimble and Jess; now this year it's Skipper and Spot's turn.

Cat calendar July to September

Saturday turns into #caturday on the interweb, so it seemed appropriate to reveal their photos from the calendar today. NAH and I enjoyed making the shortlist and final selection, and I love making this most personal of calendars happen.

Cat calendar October to December

What a joy and diversion it's been to have them in this strangest of times, even when they're being naughty... which is often!


  1. A strange feeling when WE become the older generation.

    Ginger reclining across the armchair, dreaming of cruise ships?

    1. It is indeed Diana. Coincidentally re cruise ships, I saw quite a few of them when we were at Sandbanks after the funeral. We'd gone there to have our picnic lunch because it was the place NAH's aunt asked to go to when we took her out. The cruise ships are anchored close to shore along the coastline. They look like huge blocks of flats!

  2. Lovely pictures. Take care. xx

  3. I love this Michelle. Sorry for your aunt-in-law's passing. She touched your lives in wonderful ways.

  4. Condolences on the loss of your aunt-in-law. She sounded like a wonderful person.

    Your cats are adorable. You got so many great pictures of them!

    1. Thanks sweetbay and welcome to Veg Plotting :)

  5. Sorry to hear the sad news about NAH's aunt VP. She will leave a big gap in both your lives. Those two looks most mischievous indeed.


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