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Garden Bloggers' Blooms Day: In the pink

It's great to return to Blooms Day at last and with a new flower to boot. My gardening year started late - in mid May - and in many respects I've had to take what's available and a few shortcuts instead of making my own choices or growing for myself. Whilst pink isn't my usual colour choice - neither are petunias - I'm now glad this was one of the few annuals left to fill some bare pots I had in the garden earlier this year. They were an unlabelled bargain I picked up in June and looked scrawny when I bought them, but I knew a good cut back would soon get them looking as good as new again. They've rewarded me with plentiful blooms, which look particularly good in the pictured grey planter on my patio wall. The hot summer has also suited them well. In the background you'll see there's a little souvenir from Austin popped in there too; a Texas Lone Star which glows in the dark. Thanks for all your good wishes, messages and cards. I'm pleased