Free Resources and Tutorials

There are lots of hints and tips scattered around Veg Plotting. Some posts have had a particularly good reception from readers, so I've gathered them all up on this Page for future reference.

Container Gardening

Pots and mimulus


There's plenty of ideas to be found in my Design and Showtime labels. I've also written some design specific posts taking my garden as an example for the Garden Bloggers' Design Workshop. These also link through to Gardening Gone Wild's meme of the same name, where you can get a whole host of ideas from other bloggers.


Perpetual Events Diary - a month by month listing of the main UK gardening, food and related events to give you some ideas of where you can go, plus links so you can find out more

General Gardening and Flower Care

A dozen garden flowers which are good for bees
Flowers for Bees
  • Breaking the Rules: Bulbs - a look at whether spring bulbs can be planted late successfully
  • Deficiency - How to spot and treat lime induced chlorosis and magnesium deficiencies
  • Flowers for Bees: VP's Dozen - a list to help make your garden attractive to bees all year :)
  • June drop - what this is and how to thin your top fruit like apples and pears
  • Plant Profiles - my regular series which profiles good plants for the garden
  • Roses - top tips from National Trust gardeners
  • Spring Pruning - are you a Nervous Nibbler or a Reckless Hacker? Plus what you can do with all your twigs and branches
  • Tippity Top Daffy Down Dillies - the flower farmers told me what to look out for when buying cut daffodils

Pests and Diseases

Rose sawfly on Rosa 'The Fairy'
Rose sawfly
  • Ash Dieback - an infographic, plus lots of useful resources for identification/reporting
  • Bacterial Canker - including how to tell the difference between this and Gummosis
  • Blight Watch - a great free UK national early warning system for potato and tomato blight
  • Cabbage white butterflies - includes pictures small and large white butterfly eggs
  • Capsid bugs - how to spot and treat their damage
  • Fruit moth traps - usually put out towards the end of May
  • Grease bands for winter moth fruit tree protection
  • Onion white rot - what it looks like and what to do next
  • Peach Leaf Curl - characteristic foliage, treatment and prevention
  • Powdery mildew - prevention plus an organic treatment using an ingredient from your fridge
  • Rose sawfly - spotting this hard to spot decimator of roses
  • Viburnum beetle - if your Viburnum leaves are full of holes this is the post for you


Photo collage of hoar frost photos
  • Garden Photography - a great guest post from Issy Eyre
  • On Assignment with David Perry loads of tips from a fantastic photography workshop I attended at the Bloedel Reserve
  • Back to School - my response and evaluation of Clive Nichols' Flower Photography Masterclass (online), which readers found useful for their own photography practice. It includes an interview with Clive, plus some useful online resources
  • All these, plus other bits and bobs gathered under my Photography label

Plotting and Planning

  • Allotment plan - a simple layout and planner for crop rotation
  • Simple garden checklist - a way to ensure your garden has year-round interest which can also be used as a maintenance guide, allotment planner, whatever use you can think of for your garden or plot
  • Plant Profiles - a new series (autumn 2014) spotlighting particular plants for consideration in a garden


Have a look at my Easy Recipe Finder for all my simple, seasonal and scrummy ideas. Now starring in the right hand sidebar in its own right.


The 52 Week Salad Challenge

A fantastic resource for growing salad leaves year-round which deserves
a page of its own

Things to Make and Do

Garden repairs using Sugru
Garden repairs using Sugru

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