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A pause for thought

I love how the tree matches the garage door at this time of the year. The house is just round the corner from us. Sometimes life conspires to take you down a different path to the one expected. It was just such a diversion which led to the start of Veg Plotting nine years ago today, when I realised being a distance carer was more important than my job. I started this blog on the day I wrote my resignation letter and what a sensible move that's been. It's meant I have at least one happy place in my life and it's allowed me to tell the stories which my head demands be told each time I go to the allotment. It turns out this new path has its own unexpected twists and turns, with plenty of new friends and surprises I've welcomed along the way. To keep Veg Plotting happy means I choose not to talk much about the most personal aspects of my life. Until today that is. The path turned again recently as I had to make a tough decision about my mum's continuing care