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Thursday Thoughts

We've had a friend from Oz staying for a few days and whilst she's from the UK originally, she hasn't seen much of the wonders of our canal system. Therefore we deemed it necessary to take her to see the  Caen Hill flight straight away. Besides, there's a jolly cafe towards the top where we could watch the narrowboats as they lock through the flight. After lunch we walked along the canal to Devizes Wharf, speculating as we went on which of the moored boats are hired and those used for living. Which category do you think the photographed one belongs to? Whichever it is, I like the owner's philosophic musing together with the natty plant that echoes the paintwork. On the way back we had the delight of following a majestic heron along the canal and the photo below shows our first sighting. All in all, we had a wonderful afternoon together just wandering and not being lost. It's a philosophy I'd like to subscribe to more often.

May I introduce you to....

... well, we're not quite sure who as they haven't told us their names. Ginger and Tabby* arrived yesterday and have been busy exploring their new home. Stairs are quite new to them as they spent the first 12 weeks of their lives in a bungalow. They're not very talkative yet, though we've had purrs from one and chirrups from the other. NAH found them via a fellow volunteer at Midsomer Norton . He'd taken in their mother - only a kitten herself at around 1 year old - not realising she'd been 'seen to' already by the local tom. Whilst he'd enjoyed their antics, he knew it wasn't a long term option for him and was looking to rehome the pair together as they've bonded really well. We adore them already. * = these are the names they came with. We've toyed with Buster and Keaton as their new names, but we're not sure. I suggested Mac (for the mackerel tabby) and Sandy yesterday. The search for their 'proper' names cont